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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by TreeMover1, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. TreeMover1

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    Relocated to Texas from NJ (was a tree mover there) and want to find tree spade work here in Tx. Need some help finding those folks and possible work. Any suggestions??

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    Might be tough skating here in Austin we had a friend that got one out of Houston to dig a few trees but the rock makes a big problem. One of the biggest tree planter (Teds) goes out and digs them by hand and brings them to his site. And they dig the holes that they plant in.....we subed 6 12FT palms and they dug them in.
  3. TreeMover1

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    I know that west of I35 can be real rocky. Now I hear that Environmental Solutions has a small office in Austin that is moving trees at the old Mueller Airport site with the new Big John 100. They are out of Tomball (main office) but hard to reach them. I just want to get back into tree moving and nursery work.
  4. TreeMover1

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    One more thing...just for the record... I was raised in Pflugerville! lol

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