tree spraying prices inside what do you think

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    Here is my Shrub and Tree Care proposal based upon the bid specs:

    · All deciduous evergreen and ornamental shrubs will be pruned two times per season using proper horticultural techniques. Cost: $9600.00+tax
    · Spray all woody plant material, broadleaf evergreens and trees with dormant oil in the spring. Cost: $1750.00+tax
    · Apply a granular fertilizer to all ornamental trees and shrubs. Cost: $1750.00+tax
    · Spot prune all ornamental trees as needed to allow them to conform to their growth space. Cost: $1975.00+tax

    its tough to decribe the area, but its not large and about 14 condos with avarage tree covering i thought the ferilizer for the trees and shrubs would include me going to home depot and sprinkiling a little fertilizer on the tree. it might take two two 30lb bags total.
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    Why would you choose to do a granular application of fert instead of deep root with liquid? Have you seen the Kioritz?

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