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    Just my opinion but every site is different and requires specific applications depending on the types of trees, soil, existing pests or lack there of etc. You should inspect and evaluate each property and develop a plan based on your findings. Best of luck and remember the opportunity to learn something new everyday is a wonderful thing.
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    I have a lawn business, and it is going very well, and I have been asked numerous times this year about spraying trees. I really don't know that much about trees though. I ordered my licensing stuff and will take the test in about a month or so. I am looking for information on what type of spraying programs there are for trees. I offer a 4 part spraying program on the lawn side of the business, and didn't know if there are programs similar that I could offer on the tree side. I am also looking into deep root feeding, and was looking for equipment suggestions, and not only on the deep root, but on the surface spraying equipment as well. My last question is I have no idea what to charge for spraying and or deep root feeding, and that is my biggest problem as of right now. Any information would be greately appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    It's good that your learning and will be getting certified. There's pretty good money in tree spraying
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    I use a few products as tests to see if spraying the trees would make them look any different. If you want PM me and I can tell you what I used.
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    Dale can u some info... wont let me message u? I've just squires my licenses few weeks ago but know.nothing on the tree side of things and.I've got some problems with borers.... I turf but looking to expand as well.
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