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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tryz, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. tryz

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    Had some problems getting rid of suckers around the base of trees. I have cut them back, but this is only a short term solution. Are there any products out there that won't harm the tree?
  2. jaybird24

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    The best one I've found is called Tordon- comes with an applicator bottle and you just put it on the fresh cut or around the outer edge of a freshly cut tree and it won't come back. I found it at a farmers coop and they use it for fence lines so it must work pretty good. If you use it on suckers don't worry it does'nt hurt the rest of the tree- plus you make no overspray because it drips like a syrup.
  3. BigJim

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    I think your refering to suckers around a living tree,I think the second reply is refering to putting Tordon around a tree that has been cut off and you want to kill completely.Anything you spray on a living trees suckers will get absorbed back to the original tree,I certainally wouldnt put any weedkiller on living tree suckers,if the suckers arent to big just run them off with your trimmer
  4. joshua

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    rip them out below ground level, don't put anything on them that is toxic, the label on the bottle should read non-toxic if for some reason you would decide to put something on them.
  5. HOMER

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    There is a chemical company that makes a spray for suckers. They make the claim that once it's sprayed they won't come back. I can't remember where I read it but it was in a trade magazine.
  6. morturf

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    I just got some info for a Prosourceone guy that they are making a product that limits sucker growth on cuts made it the canopy of a tree for 3 years. This stuff comes in a areosol can and is about $45. I looked at the active and it is dithiopyr. Sound familiar?
    This is the same as Dimension and now I find that the suckers weren't as bad under all the choke cherries last year. so maybe there is a correlation here. Hope this helps you guys.

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