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Tree watering

Kevin M.

LawnSite Member
Hilton Head, SC
You charge the same amount that you charge to fertilize lawns or spray the shrubs under your care. This amount of trees sounds like there newly planted with a transplanter or by hand. What I would do in your situation is to guarantee that these trees wont die if you design the program to keep them alive and healthy. Of course this all depends on your experience and equipment. Here in the south I would fertilize these trees two times per year once in the spring and fall put them under a program to check for insects and diseases all summer like an IPM program for the trees and of course you can mulch them too. Put it all into one package -- Mulch, Watering with gator bags, Fertilizing and IPM program for the trees. I would salivate if someone told me that they wanted me to take care of 130 trees.


LawnSite Member
I used to water trees and big flower pots on a city contract. We simply figured it by the hour. what we did was check them every monday and water if needed. Ours were all downtown and surrounded by concrete which really dryed them out quick. We had to put terra sorb in the pots or the annuals would die in 1 week. You should just estimate the time it will take you to water all of them, of course it all depends on your weather and the soil they are in. We were pretty much weekly during the summer, and bi weekly spring and fall & winter.