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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MikeKle, Jul 1, 2008.

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    I may be posting this in the wrong forum,but lately I have been getting alot of tree removal calls, mostly pines around 40-50ft. I guess due to last years drought. Getting rid of the limbs is getting to be a problem, my whole backyard is filled with piles of limbs! My wife and neighbors are not too happy about it. I called about renting a chipper but they want around $300 a day! Is there some place to take all this stuff that Im just not thinking of? I tried burning the other day, but the fire dept. and cops showed up and said the EPA has a burn ban because of unhealthy air quality. My friend has a Crapsman chipper that he said will handle up to 3" he is selling for $200. but in my opinion Craftsman power tools are terrible. Ive thought about dumping it at construction sites but that is probably illegal.Any suggestions?
  2. tilawn

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    local recycling run by your city that is where i take my stuff
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    Some cities will pick up yard waste if you call them or you can haul it to the city or county dump. There may or may not be a fee depending on the city or county. Richmond adds a fee to the water bill for yard waste pickup. Home owners do not have to pay a fee to take waste to the local dump.
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    depending on how much debris you have now, it will be easier and probably less expensive to just rent the chipper. by the time you figure the fuel cost of running back and forth to the dump, your time loading and unloading the limbs, get the chipper and you'll be done in no time! i helped this guy out a few years back on one of his properties that was overgrown with shrubs and trees, he wanted to trim everything back and haul the debris to his private beach to burn, after the second load, i convinced him to renting the chipper...things went alot easier and we were having cocktails by sun down, otherwise, we would of been there for 3 days! make the job easier...remember, work smart, not hard!:dancing:
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    How about a large roll of dumpster? How much stuff do u have......:usflag:
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    Definitely rent the chipper.
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    Buy a used chipper on Craigslist.
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    what do you do with the chips?
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    Rent a decent sized Vermeer, and make sure you charge enough to use it.

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