tree work


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That's a main part of my business. Not something to take lightly, if you want to learn, go work for a quality company part-time or in the winter. Alot of companies around here are hard up for help, so they might go for a part-timer. there are a couple outfits that train climbers, but i don't know if they'll take somebody with no experience.It's pretty expensive,Arbormasters 403-224-3772. I learned on the job, 1rst year only doing groundwork. I climbed for 2 years before going on my own.


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I learned my climbing at a Penn State Cooperative extension. The instrcutors were very good and they had me climbing the first day. I learned alot more than climbing and felt that it was worth the money. ($225, If I remember correctly). It was a 5 day course (8 hrs. a day). I learned proper pruning techniques, planting and mulching. Call your local cooperative extension agent and see if they have a course scheduled (usually in the fall). You will most likely have to buy rope, saddle, carabiners, safety lanyard, helmet, throw rope and ball, and a hand saw with sheath. When I entered the class, I saw the instructor way up and said to my self "what the hell am I doing here". But if you do eroll, just remember that your not alone and don't give up.


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If you can find someone you trust, sub the work and get a cut for yourself. If you fall, you could be out with a broken bone or sprain for some time. Since there aren't many people who do this, or at least do it right anyway, you can make a lot of money at it.