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  1. Toy2

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    Ok, made some tree boxes for a customer, used 4 bys, so total box is about 9 or 10" high, she wanted it filled with top soil so she could plant some flowers, did what she wanted, she stopped by a local nursery and was told she could not use that much dirt around that tree??? It has about 6' of dirt/top soil then mulch.....Live oaks are the trees....Help..
  2. ztoro

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    you added 9-10 inches of soil above the original ground? If so, YOu can kill trees if you add that much additional soil over the existing root system and base of tree...
  3. Toy2

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    Can I make a bowl of some sort and fill with mulch? Or does all the dirt have to come out? I have the same type of tree boxes, they have about 4'' if mulch only. been there 6 years......the dirt was the homeowner idea/planting...thanks!!!
  4. Toy2

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    Anyone, anyone....please help me.....thanks.... :)
  5. LawnMowerBoy48

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    Not knowing the dimesions of the planting boxes or the size of the trees but would it be possible to add a ring around the tree of stones or some wall blocks? I love driving along and seeing a new planting beed with mulch or loam piled around the base of the trees.
  6. sheshovel

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    You may "Love it" but the trees do not!Never add soil above the original soil line and box it in .This is the #1-killer of mature tree's.Don't DO IT!Amd mulch is OK as long as its not too thick and DOES NOT touch the trunk of the tree.Boxes around trees cause all kinds of problems that may not be noticed for years,crown rot is one of them.
    You customers ideas are not always in their best interest.It is your job as a professional to research,ask questions,and find out what damage can be caused BEFORE you do the work.And have other suggestions ready for them that won't cause damage or kill their trees.
  7. shepherdlawncare

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    I see it all the time where a tree is killed by adding soil around the trunk. As little as 2" can kill some trees. It makes it worse when it is a planter because the person will keep it nice and moist for the plants and it will rot the bark a lot quicker. Best to not add ANY soil around the tree at all.
  8. Toy2

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    Tree rings are everywhere, stone, wood, whatever....the wood boxes are 4' box, the trees are live oaks, my same tree has had the same type box for 6 years filled with mulch???? The homeowner just pulled the soil away from the tree about a 1' around and left it.....the tree rings I installed a few months back were Windsor stone 3 high, homeowner had pics of what he wanted including it be filled with mulch to the top, he son had the same thing installed last year(someone else). He was a PITA, so no way am I calling him back and telling him to move his mulch back..... :dizzy:

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