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trees and shrubs


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Western Kentucky
Still working on this big bid. They want all of the flowerbeds and around all trees pre-emerge. How do yall price on that. Do yall just double the price of materials or figure on labor. On fertilizing trees and shrubs same thing how do you price. Last spraying shrubs and trees for diseases and insect how do you price. Thanks


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Honolulu, Hawaii
I price based on time required to cover 1000 sq ft of a typical bed or tree ring and what I want to make on materials. It depends on your equipment. I use spray equipment that makes short work of beds or trees in a lawn. The same process applies for foliar sprays on trees and shrubs.

ted putnam

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I think greendoctor offers some good advice. Pricing the treatment of ornamentals is very subjective. There are so many variables as far as type, quantity and size that it is hard to give you a "set in stone" formula. Where you can measure a lawn and apply a price/1000 ft sq, ornamentals are not so "cut and dry". It is more of a judgement call on your part based on the variables I mentioned as well as material cost and time.


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i chose to go a per gal of mix cost based on materials and the average time to spay that amount. so far it works great and the profit is good enough to justify the addition of higher priced chemicals, but still by far not over priced i have found in my market at least. i go for two sprays per year for general insect issues and diesease, and then more if needed depending on the shurb and pest. usually not though. there really is not a need to go more than that here unless you have issues that develop other than the norm of the area.

i dont even do dormant as i have seemed to time the other apps with the crawler stages and dont get scale issues at all. maybe just luck, but i would rather not spray bushes in the cold unless i really have to, or waste time and money and chemicals