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    I have some trees on a commercial lot that were planted 2 winters ago the following summer was a drought but had irrigation system on them anyway theres some locust trees (not positive) 15 footers where some of the top and 1/2 of some side branches has died back the problem is that I cant determine a main leader how would these trees be pruned properly? there are also some sycamores where 1/2 tip of all branches have dies and there is very much spout growth any tips would be much appreciated<br>Mike
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    1st make sure they're not planted to deeply before wasting time pruning trees that may be headed for the chipper. You should be able to see the root flair. If they look like telephone poles and you can't see the flair they are too deep. Pruning is an art, I suggest you call a local arborist, find one that is willing to work with you consult or teach you how to prune. Good luck.

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