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    i have a client whose main bed is suffering from years of neglect. very over grown. chick-weed,dandys etc. he wanted this mulched but,it needed cleaning first. so i advised him,cleaned up the weeds leaves etc. my ques. would some chem. like treflon help keep the weeds down before i mulch.? thanks kevin
  2. I used Snapshot, but I couldn't tell if it was even working so I quit waiting money on it.

    A good 3" + layer of mulch will do 100 times better at keeping the weeds down then any preventative.

    Also weed barrier fabric works wonders.
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    Treflan is a good product. its the main ingre in snapshot, also I think its in the homeowner version preen-n-green or something like that. also these produsts usually have 2-6-d in them also. The thing about Treflan is that it is a pre-emergant, so you will have to do the backwork of cleaning the beds up in order to have sucess with it. Some folks swear by Fusalide. you may want to look it up. I think its a post-emergant over the top liquid.
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    thanks for your two bags of weeds oughta this mess.

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