Tremor, Bail Me Out!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Aug 5, 2007.

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    reference thread below

    Steve: i have 11 calls to return Monday from clients that are complaining about dollar spot. with it being this late in the growing season i was going to push aeration and over seeding with and resistant variety.most of these lawns are 30,000+ sf.
    what would you tell them and do?*trucewhiteflag*
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    I believe Tremor is out of town thru next weekend.
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    Thank You ..
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    If you are sure it is dollar spot,,, a little shot of N will also alleviate the symptoms. I had the same problem with a client last week. The lawn looked horrible, but upon closer inspection the plants were still alive with new growth in the shoots. I used 0.4# N in a slow release organic form, 4-4-2, and the new growth looks much better, not great ( it is August after all) but much better. Just make sure you are treating the right disease.

    As you probably know, dollar spot is more prevalent in low N situations. But apply N this time of year is tricky thing, too much and you definitely help the brown patch and pythium. The next 2 nights in our area are going to be hot and humid, I am expecting more disease.


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