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  1. bobbyg18

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    cust wants a trench to carry the sump pump water away from house in the thinking a 1 foot wide trench down about 18"...50 ft long...ill use 3/4 gravel and top w/ 3 inches of loam to be seeded...i plan on using a perf. pipe to carry the water and displace along the trench...ill use fabric and wrap the trench (might not even be needed)...

    ive done this same thing on another job and so far so good...any other suggestions?
  2. freddyc

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    I don't get it--why would you go thru all that hassle ---just bury a 2" solid PVC pipe and connect to the sump pump outlet?? Trench or pipe, they both have to exit to open air.

    Its not a french drain for reducing groundwater---you just want to relocate the water from the basement to the yard. Why would you use perf pipe ?? Are you saying you don't want to exit to open air and expect the trench to absorb the entire volume of water the pump puts out??

    PROFESSORRAIN LawnSite Member
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    Or use solid pipe run water off to wherever you want.
  4. ChampionLS

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    What ever method you choose, DO NOT connect the discharge pipe from the house to your buried pipe with a SOLID or Glued connection. It should be open to the atmosphere and drain by gravity. If your in the ground pipe were to freeze or clog, the pipe exiting the house should overflow. It's usually 1-1/4"or 1-1/2" PVC exiting the house. It can dump into 2", 3" or 4" PVC.
  5. bobbyg18

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    good advice on not making the connections...i did think about the pipe clogging...

    also the thought on perf pipe was to distribute the water along the trench so it all didnt get dumped in the same spot in the back of the yard...maybe i will use a solid pipe


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