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    I ordered 2 from their website the other day, and recived then yesturday. I was skeptical about how well they would work, and after looking at them its notinhg more than a regualar edger blade with 2 bends in it. Wish I would have thought of this idea, but thats a whole different theard, haha.

    Very impressed with the trenching blades. I only tried them in my own yard, on 3 different bed, 2 have a good defention from last year so didnt so much, but the one that didnt get done last year and was looking bad, one pass with the trench blade left a nice clean, crisp edge. Not a deep as a shovel, but deep enough, and I am pretty sure that another pass or two and I can get a deeper edge. Overall very satisfied, DEF recomend! I am going to be placing another order for more very soon! I am gonna post a pic or two tommorow or the results
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    Thanks for the positive feed back. I am glad you are happy with The Trenchblade. My professional opinion is that the bed line does not need to be trenched very deep at all. If you have a huge trench on your turf edge and the wheel of your mower goes off the edge, ugggrrech, you just scalped a big brown half moon in your lush, beautiful turf. Before I invented the Trenchblade, we still did not trench very deep with a shovel for that very reason. Thanks again and I am glad you liked the Trenchblade.
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    I agree with you TRENCH on the bed depth, however my customers get what they want, and most want a deep edge. I do plan on trying out doing a few passes at my own home with the trench blade and see the results
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    that was the main concern i had after using the trenchblade... and im still gonna have to use a shovel on the beds i used it on. i like them deep, and they last longer. if you take your time mowing and do a little extra trimming you wont scalp anything =)
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    I plan on getting and trying a few.

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    OMG! I ordered 4 Trenchblades a month or so back. I'm just a land surveyor who cuts his own grass. My wife comes up with all the big ideas about flower bed edging, mulching, and the works. To make matters worse, she's got me maintaining my SWMBO In Laws lawn. Well after cutting a few small trees, and edging the side walks at SWMBO In Laws place. I took the edger blade off and slapped on a Trenchblade. Oh man! The Trenchblade works like a champ even in dry hard never broken up virgin dirt. I am impressed! The wife and SWMBO In Law are impressed. I can now define a flower bed edge with ease, leaving them to weed and mulch. SWMBO In Laws asked me if she could use one of them. NAW! This is mans work. And Man's Law saids to go buy your own!


    Hey! Thanks! I love this blade!

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    thanks a lot man, i am glad you like it!

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    To get a deeper edge, after my fist pass, I usually just go backwards and that will clean it out a bit more. Worst case we make a quick clean up pass with a shovel. It takes no time at all. That reminds me I need to order some more.
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    I like to make one pass backward first because it's easier for me to follow my line. Then I go forward at an angle, then pull back to clean out again. The leaves the best edge, in my opinion. Deep enough for most needs, and saves A LOT of time over a shovel.

    Another satisfied customer!
  10. Trenchblade

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    Sweet, i am glad you guys like it and it is saving you some time and money. Thanks a lot.

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