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    Phil, I have the 1/2" x 7" blade on one of our brown bed edgers. Used it for running wire out to an engraved boulder. Worked great for the most part had to redirect once to go around a rock. Used the excavated dirt and some sand to top the trench off.
    I will use it again when the situation calls but have done everything else with a flat spade.
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    Keith, Glad to hear from someone who has actually used the Brown plus that narrow rotor. That's exactly the way I expect to use it: A long run to a remote location.
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    another thought here ( and James, I do have 2 guys who do most of the grunt work- but they hate turf as well ). Having broken at least a dozen spades over the last few years ( stomp, wiggle back and forth, stomp, wiggle, and then after 300-500 times, blade finally bends then breaks...replace. stomp, wiggle...)

    I took a tool we have here called the mutt, which is basically a roof shingle remover, root cutter or floor tile removal-sort of a 4" chisel on a stick. around 25 bucks. I then welded a 18" long, 1/4" thick 2" wide steel angle iron across the top of the blade for foot jumps. much easier on feet, and with it's 1/4" thick steel chisel, does not bend when you wiggle, and I have not had to replace in over a year. easy to sharpen with angle grinder, and since it is only 4" wide, all your weight gets concentrated and makes for easier penetration and better depth than we got from spades.

    The bottom line is if the spade were always the best tool, then all the invisible dog fence guys would use it. and really, all of them I have seen use the small vibrating wire cabling tool that makes clean quick work out of turf. you almost can't see where they have been. I wish I had one, but in runs of less than 50 feet, probably quicker to grab a spade then unload a piece of equiplent.
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    I am a fiskar man. we buy those at Lowes down here. I and the guys love them, but alas, broke 3 of those. it is always at the blade where we wiggle it back and forth to create the trench. we actually break them near the middle of the blade, sharpen the 1/2 broke blade, and then use until we break them under the step next. we are in the ozark mountains, and do have rocky reddish clay soil. the mutt however, keeps on trucking.
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    How does the Brown work or trenching? I picked up a used one for bed edging and it came with the trenching blade for wire or irrigation...I have not used it for wire yet.
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    Here's the new half-inch rotor on my Brown bed edger. Did a nice job in the bare ground. As you can see you can only get within a foot of objects (like the fence). Notice that it throws out dirt about a foot to one side. I hit one sizable rock which the operator can hear and notice the engine bulking. I merely stopped and dug out the rock and proceeded. I trenched 160 feet in five minutes.

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    The upload didn't get this one the first time:
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