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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Irrigation Contractor, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Some may say WTF to this question (maybe not TX), but last year we went through 100 plus trenching shovel for our install crews.

    Hard clay and rock from H E double hockey sticks is on 90% of our projects. We tried the Corona shovels only to break the handles and all of the Ewing/JDL yellow handle end up with cracked welds.

    I am not joking and this has become a big issue for us. King of Spades all steel shovels are too small and we even began fabricating our own, but it is not practical during to summer months.

    We just ordered a batch of these Model #92720

    Any input is appreciated?
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    Keep us informed. It looks like the state of the art of trenching shovels has progressed far beyond the days of simply cutting down the blade of a standard shovel.
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    my guys use picks and drain spades. 3 crews, 10 or so shovels a year. standard wood home depot variety.
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    I personally broke 2 shovels last year and installed 25 systems + all the usually service/ repairs of exisiting systems.

    Be sure to keep your crews trained on when the best time to utilize rock bars and picks instead of the shovel.. Work smart yah know.

    Just don't do what I did ( Which I don't know how I managed this one)

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    i guess thats what i was getting at in an alternate way. use the right tool for the job; it applies to digging as well. most of our shovels/tools get broken while being used not how they were intended.

    im a stickler for this. i yell at my guys all the time for using the wrong shovel. thats why i outfit the trucks with a bunch of different shovels/picks/bars etc. use them correctly and they will last (not saying i never whacked at a curb footing with a shovel for half an hour just to get a head a few inches closer to the belgian block)
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    You want a shovel to last forever, throw it in the back of a government truck. They'll make sure it's not abused or over used.
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    This happens all the time. One of my guys carries a hammer and cold chisel for this reason.
  9. Kiril

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    I carry Estwing all steal rock picks for this. Rotary hammer is also not far away if needed.

    With respect to shovels, I have decided that any shovel/spade I break will be replaced with all steel version if possible.

    That said, trenching shovels are for cleaning out trenches, not for use as a pry bar or rock pick.
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    What's orange and sleeps 3?

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