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you can get in touch with them at or 334-795-6603/1-800-6338909you might want to check the web site of eztrench they seem to have a great machine also


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What is a good price to charge per liner foot for just egdeing beds with this great machine??THANKS<p>----------<br>John <br>


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Central NJ
JR: Dont make the same mistake soooo many contractors make when they buy a new piece of equipment that makes their life easier. You make an investment in equipment to save yourself time, not to charge customers less. When we bought our bed shaper edger last year i kept my prices where they were when we used to use a shovel. WHY??? Well just because i invested 3000 in a machine to save myself labor doesnt mean I have to offer the service to them for less. If your bidding work and your competition doesnt have that equipment it does give you wiggle room on your bid but dont drop it so low your not recouping your equipment and labor costs. And the biggest reason not to drop your price....what if the equipment breaks and you have to do the job the old way? Stunk bad enough when you were getting 100 to do it with the shovel, imagine if you lowered your price to $ 50 thinking the equipment would make up the difference and the day u do the job its in the shop????