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Tri Color Beech leaf problem???

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About 6 weeks ago I planted a tri color Beech tree for a customer. It was doing just fine until a week ago. Now the leaves have turned brown/tan and crunchy. All the red and maroon in the verigated leaves is gone.Bark is still green but I am concerned this thing might be dying. THis is a $200 tree so needless to say I dont want it to croak. Sorry I dont have a pic of it. Took some leaves to the local ag office and they were no help...said it might be too much water. We did have almost 5 inches of rain last week and the customer had been watering twice per week prior to the big rains because it was hot and dry. I dont think its too much water because the Red Lobster here has a mature Tri color beech in their parking lot and I noticed yesterday it looked as bad or worse than the one I planted and this tree obviously gets no water except for rain. We dont see many of these so I dont know if they have any special problems I should be aware of. Ag office also said it doesn't look like fungus either. Any opinions?? thanks
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GarPa - It is possible it is being over watered. Did you dig down a bit next to the root ball to see if there was water in the hole? but I need to do I said the one at the Red Lobster is sitting in a sloped bed in a parking lot. No way that tree is sitting in a divot(well it could be but I doubt it becuase this tree has looked great for years.) I've aleays noticed it because its such a nice specimen and unusual in the landscape. Thats what made me think it might be some rare disease since they looked bad at exactly the same time.
The leaves on tri color beeches are extremely sensitive to direct, hot sun. What you will notice is burning around the edges, and in severe cases, leaf curl. Is your tree in direct, full sun????? Just a thought.
Ken...yes it is in full sun. We did have about 2 weeks of hot sun before the monsoon came last week. My thought also was that it was leaf curl because of the sun/heat. Unless I went braindead or something, I dont recall the tree specs saying this should not be planted in full sun however. It does look like a dogwood looks when it gets fried in hot weather
It very well can be that where you planted it is a new environment than where it was stored in the nursery. Where I buy they have a very high canopy of shade with some open areas, for the most part the filtered light helps them keep the root balls moist.

Transplant shock is more than likely your problem. Leaf damage and curl is common for many plants when they are adjusting to direct sun.
Good point GLAN...a new crepe myrtle I put in at my house did the same plant shock thing,,,then it straightened out finally. But the one at Red Lobster has been in for years...15 ft tall and least it was ..thanks
Another possibility to consider is that the leaves burned in transport. If the tree was in leaf, and not carefully covered when it was delivered, combination of sun and wind will cause the leaves to scorch. This won't always show up right away.
Direct from Dirr.........

" provided some shade, for the leaves often become scorched in hot, dry weather."
I delivered it in an enclosed trailer so good thought about windburn but thats not the problem .

KenH...congrats!!!!! Since I think you diagnosed the problem sight unseen, YOU win the grand prize!!!!! A 5 year FREE fert program from Chembrown/Truburn.

Seriously Ken I think your diagnosis is on the money when I think back to the clear days, hot sun and high temps. thanks for looking up the details on the beech
So how you gonna provide shade?

Umbrella ?:D

The tree will probably get used to where it is. Be it that the leaves may wither, but I am sure it will survive. I have planted them, just haven't noticed as much what your describing. What I have noticed during that heat waves of the last 3 summers. Is that the plant goes through some transplant shock. Don't matter what tree. Or how much it get's watered.

Trees we planted 2 and 3 years ago, that displayed stress the first season in the ground, following year symptoms were far less. And you did say a tree you planted this year. No reference to the one you later talk about that is about 15 years old.
Originally posted by GarPA

, YOU win the grand prize!!!!! A 5 year FREE fert program from Chembrown/Truburn.
I would like to send this service to some past customers of mine.....:cool: :D

The beech will adapt, but it will never attain the true coloration these cultivars are noted for....not in full sun anyway......
Yes Ken

Couldn't agree more.

I tend to stretch the parameters of a plants optimum location from time to time. Some characteristics are sacrificed, but generaly acceptable
thanks guys for all the points of view...GLAN, the one at Red Lobster I did not plant but its been there for many years.

Looks like I need to order those cd roms that some of you guys have on plant characterisitcs...the darn tag on the plant indicated full sun and the nursery mgr said it will do find in this location. Lesson learned on my end. Even if I know a certain tree/perennial like I know my name, I'll look it up just to be sure.
Need help pls.
My neighbour has a beautiful tall tricolour beech in her front yard so I bought a 9 foot one last year also for my front. Just before the Fall, noticed that leafs all fell off way ahead of my neighbours. I figured the tree went through a shock.

Spring this year came and the leaves didn't start sprouting until late May, and now in June, the leaves are tiny. Most of the leaves look like they are half eaten by some insect. The colour of all the leaves are more brown than red. The leaves are not even lush.

I water the tree once or twice a week and when I do I give it a good soak. Could that be it?

My neighbours tree remains so nice so it is not the location of my tree (like too much sun) that's a problem.

Any suggestion to resolve?
Contact an Arborist.
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