Tricks for no suspension on ztr's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by snowjeep, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. snowjeep

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    Anyone have any tricks to help the ruff ride on a ztr without suspension? I am already running 8 psi in drive tires and 10 psi in front. Larger tires or some kind of bushings for the seat?
  2. Toad

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    Other than a suspention seat, no not really. Tires are the most important.

    Allthough I use the seat belt on my Kubota, and it keeps me in the seat over rough terrain, helps alittle.
  3. IMAGE

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    Suspension seat! Its a must have! Mowers are rigid, and lawns are bumpy! Suspension seat and your @$$ and back will thank you!
  4. topsites

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    It's a little bit like riding a horse.
  5. Uranus

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    After about 7 years of riding lazers and dixies I had no back pain. Then on year 8 my lower back hurt. Things got so bad for a while that I could not sit in a chair for more than 10 minutes without fidgeting and then have to stand up. Went to the doctors and got the usually, "stretch out in the morning, here's some pills for the next couple of days." Got no where with the docs. I bought a new lazer xs that comes stock with a suspension seat and POOF, no more back pain. The following spring I decided to use my old lazer for spring cleanups and the back pain came back. Luckily I just finished my spring cleanups and I'm going to be getting back onto the XS for grass cutting. I'm getting a suspension kit for my older lazer before fall so I don't go through pain again.

    Another thing that works is to buy new boot insoles every couple of months. I can go through 2 or 3 pairs of insoles each year. I just changed them the other day, and no I feel like I'm walking on a big tub of jello.

    Suspension seats are the way to go. Some day they will be standard on all ZRTs
  6. Frue

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    Ferris Ferris Ferris
  7. mag360

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    Remember never to fold the rops and wear the seatbelt at the same time.

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