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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bush Master, Aug 2, 2000.

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    Back pack blowers walk off everyday from someone's truck.I have a br400 and was'nt going to pay $85 for a rack just for it so<br>i made one ; here's what i did.<br>i took a 50&quot; peice of flat metal 1/8 thick by<br>1&quot; put it in my vise and started to bend it around my blower it ended up looking like a &quot;s&quot; with the top gone,welded it to a peice<br>of angle iron and bolted that to my trailer,<br>for security there is a hole on the back support of the unit you drill a hole at a <br>angle though the mental insert a hich pin i use 3/8 drill that clevis hole out for a small &quot;master lock&quot; ther is a diff.thats your lock system,,,......after you find where your unit rest use a scrap piece of metal that was left over and cut it to fit under your handle this will stop it from slideing ... and the best thing compared to the ones i have seen it that because of the metal that is bent it acts as a shock absorber for the tool.. good luck
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    Heres another one that i have done .......<br>the air filters on my walker kubota are $15-$25 dollars a peice thats a lot of money evey year so here is what i have done since it was a ealry model. the air intake is under the mower real nasty place ... so with some 1.25 pvc and a couple of plumbing conectors. the kind with hose clamps on them <br>a muffler hanger i raise the air intake just below my neck height. then look up a clamp type filetr assm. from K&N and use this as my prefilter. i saw know diff in engine idle<br>you may have some adju. to make but since this air filter uses oil to stop the dirt(more dirt than paper) and it is washeable it should last for 3-4 years if maintained the intrusction several time there are a couple of things on ag. equpt. that applies to us.and my main filter dosent gget any dirt any more cool trick.
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    This may not save you $, but it saves time. When you clean a foam prefilter, clean it with 2 cycle gas mix, it cleans the filter and oils it at the same time. I blow out the excess dirt with air first and then wash it with gas/oil mix. Squeeze out the excess gas and oil and blow it off again with air. The gas evaporates, the oil stays on the filter and it's ready for use the next day. :)<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    Oil the blades of hedgetrimmers at each gasup, and you'll never have sap buildup. Use a light oil, like 3-in-1, and dab each tooth.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana

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    Hey here is anotherone..............
    I own sthil products and have no problem with them except that the gear lube is so i went down to the local parts store and found grease fitting that fit no more
    spending $9.50for 4.5oz of grease big bucks saved every year.

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    This one may not be for everyone but it was within my realm.
    I own a walker mower, 42ghs and i wanted to deck assym.......$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    so here is what i did.......I transferd the gear box assm. to a empty much far so go.. a blank deck is less than half the $$$$$$.Took the upper mulching blades and installed them on the trash plates just like ther suposed to be.....when sitting on the mower looking at the deck take that right side mulching blade and sharpen a second edge on other rail. balance it.. install it...use the recomended standerd 42" ghs blades on bottom and u you have
    the ability to mulch or bag and still money to buy a new tool. to go from a mulch dech to a ghs deck its the same with theses diff.

    1. the right(sitting on the mower)gear box need to be replaced with the ghs gear box ...So the grass is directed to the center.
    2. purchase the tube from the deck to the blower
    3. You need to have ghs capp. on the mower.
    4. to go back to mulch just do the instru above and don't change the gear boxes back.

    it take about 20 mins to convert from mulch to ghs or visa versa. and in my case i mulch all summer and bag when the leaves start to fall. a little time but if you work on your own stuff your probally doing it to save money$$$$ also so a great time to change the gear lube open the top
    and since the gear box is in your hand just spill it into your oil jug that you turn in for recylcing.

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    Let me know if anyone made the blower rack idea that i posted and how it turned out for you.

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    That a good thing i do that but i spray wd40 all over the bades and the slide plates to cut down on start friction
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    Sorry!! I saw it in one of the trade magazines last week. One of those aftermarket company's makes them, like JRCO or something. OOOOOOOOOPPSSSSSS, SORRY BUSHMASTER!!!! I'm a dumby!! I thought you were the one that was talking about attatching a blower to the front of a Z. Sorry!! I guess I'll tell the rest of the story for the hell of it though!! Its a rack that attatches to the front of your Z that holds a push blower. Looks like a good idea, and looks like a welder could make one no problem!!

    Sorry again for thinking too fast!!

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    Sorry thought this post was about Hookers :(

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