Tricky Drainage Situation with SRW

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Thanks bud, I understand that :)

    I have some pet peeves about forums.

    You can go to any forum and you will find multiple threads about "low ball contractors", "hacks", "fly by nighters". With that said, I am careful of how I disseminate information. Because of my passion for perfection, I want others to learn the correct methods.

    Writing "drain tile isn't needed" is a statement that guys new to the industry may take to heart. Steve got upset because I disagreed with that. We all cringe when we hear joe smoe say "well I was reading on the internet and it said ..........."

    We have had our own failures with jobs. I make it a point to never get mad or upset. I tell myself to think of it as a learning experience and view it as a positive.

    I have repaired work by others. I have been called to properties for a lighting estimate. While there, I walk into the backyard and I come across a beautiful wall or patio that was not done correctly. So human nature kicks in and I take a gander at it, finding what went wrong. And this isn't limited to just me. Anyone that's been in business has all experienced exactly what I just wrote.

    In 2009 we did a patio and discovered a drainage problem done by others 7 or so years ago. We had to fix it before we could proceed. Stuff like this makes us all wiser. It opens our eyes to what can and what does go wrong.

    Because of what I have experienced. Because of all the classes I have taken. Because of what I have learned from others - I'm a firm believer in the typical drain system used in typical SRWs. Oh! And can I mention we have worked in 4 states plus the district of Columbia?? HAHA - that was funny, I don't care what anyone says :clapping:

    Just like a police officer or a fire and rescue personnel. I have never known a police officer that is not a firm believer in seat belts, because of what they have seen. You'll never hear a police officer say seat belts are worthless. And you'll never see me advise anyone not to use drain tubing or piping.

    You have a small, confined area. Make a swale and you defeat the purpose of a wall because of the tight space. Import Clay so water can't get through? That's how storm water management ponds are done......
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    DVS, I haven't been upset about this discussion, it is a discussion, not a arguement.
    I stated my opinion and my reasons why I have that opinion. You stated your opinion, but still fail to back it up with your reasons why you think your right.

    If you would have put a little effort into the discussion, I probably would have told you that I have drain tile behind every wall. Why do I use it if I don't think it's necessary? Good question, glad I asked myself. I use it because it's usual and customary. Because most people believe everything they are told and never question the "why" it is easier to just use it than deal with the unknowing people following the blind.
    Hey Steve, are you the only one to look at this issue for what it is? Another good question I should have been asked. No, I am not. My opinion was confirmed by a engineer in Atlanta that we used on a wall a few years ago. I believe his words were, "if you ever see water coming out of that pipe, run like hell, the wall is coming down.

    If you care to share your opinion, with the reasons for it, lay it on me. I am always open to learning from others.

    P.S. I mention the states I have worked in, thinking you might reasonably surmise that i'm not a newbie or fly by night in this business.

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