Triclopyr ester vs Weed b Gon Chickweed Clover Oxalis


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CT Z6a. I overseeded TTTF 9/1 and 9/15 (don't ask). It's doing decent where the skunks haven't torn it to bits and I've mowed it a few times. Was probably KBG to begin with, with a few fairly healthy shady sections of fine fescue.

I do have areas where clover is coming back heavy though, plus I have a lot of violets still in a less managed area I didn't bother overseeding, but I'd like to keep them at bay from jumping back into the good section.

I've used Weed B Gone CCO (8% Triclopyr) in the past with reasonable success against the violets, but with 2-3 applications and a couple seasons. But since my primary foes in my yard are violets, creeping charlie, and clover (and nimblewill that I use tenacity for) I'm wondering if it would help to try one of the ester based Triclopyr based herbicides. Looks like I could pickup 'Brushtox' locally which is 60% Triclopyr 3,5,6-trichloro pyrid<something>-butoxyethyl-ester (it's a jpg can't copy paste). I know one's far more concentrated and I can figure that part out. Wondering about the other differences - damage to fine fescue, fool proofness, and general effectiveness?

TL;DR What's the difference between Weed B Gone CCO non-ester and a Triclopyr Ester based?


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You would need to read the label of the particular product you're using. You're in CT so I would check local regulations before investing too heavily in a product that could get you in trouble. You are on the right track. And if you lived further south I could give better info. OTC products are only going to work so well because ANYONE can buy and use them, and people do stupid things with pesticides, while barefoot. Look for on line pesticide sellers, you'll get more for less. Ester for my money is always best if you are aware of their limitations.

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