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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobbygedd, Jul 20, 2001.

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    ok, so it seems most guys i talk to swear by not using any fabric under mulch, we always did use it. today, i said screw it, ill try without. we put in 9 yards in a mostly shaded area, so i figured weeds wouldnt be that bad a problem anyway. i didnt even try to sell the customer on weed pulling/maint service. i know some weeds will be popping up, what do u use to get rid of them without damaging shrubbery too?

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    Lay down some pre-em on top of the mulch, if you apply in a uniform manner the likelyhood of weeds sprouting is minimal, however at 50.00 a bag you may want to see what happens.
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    what i dont get about the pre-em these folks are always talking about is this: if u apply it BEFORE there are any weeds, it prevents the seeds from hatching, however, if u just pull the weeds, i know u r leaving some root in the ground, what the heck is the pre gonna do now? i would use preem on new soil, or in early spring BEFORE any weeds appeared. what i need to know at this point is what type of selective herb u guys r using the will kill these weeds that i KNOW will apear, without damaging shrubbery.
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    What type of shrubbery? There are plent of selective post-emergent herbicides on the market. I have used Lontrel with great results over cotoneaster, juniper, azalea and even liriope and pachysandra. It is pricey ($180 a quart), but at the rate of 1/2 oz./gallon of water will go a long way. If the weeds appear between plantings you can get away with round-up if you don't get any on the ornamentals.

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