Tried "real" gasoline today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grandview (2006), Mar 21, 2013.

  1. 205mx

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    Really. That big of a difference
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  2. TFLE

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    I've been in the business for a pretty long time and I've never had trouble with 2 cycle equipment like I've had the past about two years. Had to replace the primer bulbs on just about all my trimmers, hedge trimmers and blowers. Carb problems in miscellaneous equipment. Fuel lines in older equipment turning to jelly. Went to pull a fuel line off a red max blower (about 4 inches long) and it stretched to about 12 inches long before coming apart. Stuff I run everyday I don't have as may problems with. I'm looking to buy ethanol free gas and put it in bulk at my shop. Can't find it within a reasonable distance (central pa). Stihl dealer tried to get me to but aviation fuel at like 7 buck a gallon and I said no thanks. Straight gas is guaranteed to make fuel efficiency go up.
  3. pressley10r

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    I don't shop at walmart. Redmax oil only, and whatever grade of ethanol free that is convienient. Water in the fuel? Probably, it's called humidity. But as I said, I use ONLY ethanol free so I don't have carb problems any more.

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    ethanol free for me too. bulbs and fuel line problems on a brand new echo trimmer before switching to the eth free.

    that's all i will run in my 2 cycle engines now. makes a difference if you ask me. starts easy and doesn't wear stuff out. btw, i'm in the south also...

    worth the little extra i pay for it, imho...
  5. pressley10r

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    I feel your pain. I was there a few years ago, constantly repairing and buying new carbs, before I went ethanol free. We are fortunate in Central NC to have numerous stations that carry different grades of ethanol free.
  6. lawns Etc

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    Can't find e free gas in Jersey. Unless you go buy airplane fuel 100 plus at $7 a gallon. I had some issues about 4-5 yrs ago when it first switched here. But in last 3 plus yrs I've had zero issues with plus grade 89 gas and either Stihl Ultra or Amsoil mix oil. I had lots of problems with echo and redmax oils even the sun blends. But after going full synthetic I've had zero issues.
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  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    here its same price or cheaper

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    ethanol here in the midwest sometimes is does attract water
  10. Woody82986

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    I guess I'm just one of those lucky guys who has never had any carb/fuel line/primer bulb issues using the ethanol blend. I honestly get that some of you have problems with the ethanol and I'm quite sure it's probably the ethanol that does it. If we had an ethanol free option anywhere near anywhere I go, I would use it. But we don't, so I hope I continue staying lucky.

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