Tried "real" gasoline today

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    i went looking after you posted and you are correct. this is what i found

    for everyone else, you can find your closest location here:
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    Sounds like you're saying you're getting 20%-40% better MPGs? At least do the math longhand/calculator for everyone's sake, sir.

    I've tried both fuels in my truck on pure hwy trips and I honestly don't get any (appreciable) increase in MPGs...and this is figured after every fill using the calculator in my phone. I wish I got better MPGs w/ e-free? Hell yeah I do. If I even saw a consistent 1 mpg increase...I'd surely say so. I hand calculate every tank after topping it off, fwiw.
    YMMV for sure. :laugh:
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    Try running three tanks.

    What's better 87 octane pure gasoline, or 93 octane E10.

    I've been running 93octane e10 in handhelds, and 89 octane e10 in my mowers, and 87 e10 in my truck.
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    More than a few times I've driven across my state 325 miles (each way to visit relatives) with a full tank of e-free...and filled up with e-free again for my trip back. No difference in MPGs when compared to using what I would call e-10, or regular unleaded. The station at my destination quit stocking e-free, and still no deviation. Like I said, I truly wish there was a difference to justify using it in my truck. So, I'm not picky w/ regards to filling my truck tank = I mostly use e-10 reg unleaded.

    But, e-free premium is all I use in my 2-stroke HH equip...and e-free regular is all I use in my mowers and 4-stroke trimmer.
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    For all of my hand held equipment I only run 100LL avgas. I get it at the local municipal airport at $5.25/gal. It is leaded fuel though, so you have to make sure your equipment doesn't have a cat in the muffler. I mix it with stihl ultra and it has a shelf life of 2 years so no worries after the off season of dealing with stale fuel or gummed up carbs. At the end of the season, all equipment gets stored with full tanks to prevent moisture from from condensation. Never had a problem since using it. you can find a local air field at
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    Water will not mix with ethanol gas. This is one of the advantages of ethanol gas. When water is introduced to ethanol gas it binds to the ethanol and separates out of the gas. Since gas is lighter than water the water goes to the bottom and is clearly visible as a bubble on the bottom of the gas can, tank or whatever. If you suspect that you have water in your fuel just look at the bottom and see if there are any bubbles present. This is physics and there are no exceptions. If there is water present, it will separate out of the gas.
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    True, but there are down sides to this. if this happens in the fuel tank of equipment, the water/alcohol settles to the bottom where the fuel pick up is thus putting the fuel into the Carb and causing poor performance or a no run. If this happens in a storage container and you don't pour the water into the equipment, it could cause problems too. Alcohol has a higher octane rating than fuel (IIRC around 110) so if the water/alcohol seperates out it will lower the octane rating a few points, making 87 fuel an 85 or lower which can and has caused much bigger problems.

    Couple this with the hygroscopic nature of ethanol and you have a recipie for problems if left unchecked. Whereas straight gas wont attract water, and any water introduced to straight gas will seperate out without having any other effect on the fuel.
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    Water binding with gas is how "dry gas" worked to get the water out of the tank and from freezing and blocking fuel flow.

    Ethanol helps the cars run cleaner and I can not remember the last time I heard some one having their engine not start because the fuel system froze up.

    I have never used a fuel stabilizer and never have had any fuel problems.
    I do not let dirt get into my gas cans. Even so I still am on the look out for sediment in my gas cans.

    I do not buy a lot of gas to have it sitting around.

    I rotate my cans.

    I do not refill a can until the can is 100% empty to avoid mixing old gas with fresh gas.

    My equipment's fuel tanks are kept topped off through the off season. Reduced air, reduced oxidation of the fuel.

    I will not store gas in a can that has a missing cap. Even if no dirt gets in condesation will continuously form adding water to the fuel.

    My gas cans and tank caps do not get removed until they are going to get filled. I do not open a cap to confirn my mower needs gas then leave the cap off as I walk to the truck to get the gas can. Why leave the chance for debri to be blown into the gas tank?

    I'll run all my equipment during the off season to for a few minutes to get the oil flowing and move fuel through the carburetors.

    Now I am going in search for a piece of wood to knock.
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    I've been running 87 e10 blend and Stihl HP oil through all of my Stihl 4mix equipment for the last few years and I haven't had any problems. I just realized a few weeks ago that I am supposed to run 89 in them so I will be doing that and moving to the HP Ultra this season. I would try e-free but there aren't any convenient locations near me.
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    Silly question? Maybe. But how does anyone see water at the bottom of their fuel tank??? Are some gas tanks opaque enough...or (possibly) does the thin vertical window (if one even has one) allow for this to be seen?

    I (also) try to fill my tanks in the evening as well to prevent internal condensation.

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