Tried the T, Z, and GL out at the take

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    As do I, I'm talking about the amount of material including his T on a pick-up truck I'm saying it must be dragging the ground. Never did I say 750K was not do able have done that amount myself many times. Like I said an average day for a Z.
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    Payload on a GM/Chevy 2500 HD = about 4000 lbs. ooops! Maybe time to do some research .. just sayin'. lmao
    Please read below:

    How 'bout this??? Take 750,000 square feet times three (pounds per thousand). 45 bags is the correct answer.

    45 (50 pound bags) = 2250 pounds.

    I would post a pic of a Z-Spray here, but I never see any because they are a 'white elephant' :walking: And I also call BS.
  3. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    750K average day for a Z, I know for those T's it's a big day.:rolleyes:

    I would post a picture of a t here, but I never see any because they are rusted out and broken. And I also call BS:laugh:
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    1.2 million (27.5 acres) on a ride on is humping for sure! I sprayed 16 acres in 2 directions (double coverage) in a day two different times this summer and it was all I wanted! That was with a tractor in 3rd gear-high and 14' boom. Just flagging that much ground is time consuming.

    Fertilizing I do separately and can fly through that slinging it 52' per pass.

    Lots of good info in this thread. Surprised some of the cool season guys are still spraying. We had 15" snow yesterday!
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    Depending on the truck reg cab 2wd is about 3900lbs. 4wd is 3600lbs. Ext cab/crewcabs are even less (down to 3000lbs).

    Add the fact are you only going to bring 45 bags or extra? Add 500lbs for the machine. Add for lbs for the carrier. Add the fact it extends past the truck so that has a multiplier to its weight. Do you bring water? Herbicides? Tools, lunch box, etc? Driver/passenger weight also.

    Guessing when the truck leaves in the morning its close or past the 9200lb total gvwr.

    Might want to do some research or complete facts, just saying!
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    Guys you can stop the T and Z banter. This is supposed to be an objective thread. All machines have their merits.
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    I was wrong. Talked W Andy this morning about a couple things and said they are not dropping 36r and are giving it more engine options. So glad to here this. Now to see if it fits our B&B racks....
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    Don't forget about the Frisbee's his guys throw back and forth to each other.:laugh:
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    What Z Spray are most of you running? The ZMax is a great machine; it really is but is not as versatile as the T3000i, in my opinion. I feel if you really want to compare the T to an L.T Rich product it would have to be the J36 or the J36R. The ZMax is a beast of a machine but is a lot harder to use on smaller lawns. Just a quick look at some specs on the Zmax vs the T, the Z does have the edge but with its size and capacity it has some limitations in my opinion. I do have a question for the Z guys, how do you calibrate your machine to ensure your almost always putting down the right amount of product and at the right speed? Once again I am totally biased but love to read these threads! Zero turn vs Steering wheel, well I drove a vehicle with a steering wheel to work, how about you? I love the passion you guys have! Keep it up and if anyone has questions about the T3000i please just give me a ring.

    Zmax 50 gallons T 16 gallons with 3in1 tank brings it up to 31 gallons
    Zmax 10ft spray T 9 ft spray
    Zmax 200lb hopper T 175lb hopper
    Zmax 25ft spread T 18 ft spread
    Zmax 71 inches long, 54 inch wide T 65 inches long 35 ½ inches wide
    Zmax ?lbs dry ( I couldn’t find) T 500lbs dry
    Zmax 8mph T 5mph
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    Another thing to consider:

    During the past month, we've received frequent rains (and now snow). The topsoils are saturated, and the grass is often wet until afternoon.

    Our T's still go out every morning & leave no turf damage.

    Conversely, the opposite is true regarding our Exmark ZTR aerator. Every time I make a turn with the ZTR, I have to be very careful and drive extremely slow. I try to make my turns on concrete whenever possible (leaving a muddy mess), but all too often, I have to turn "on the lawn". No matter how slow I make turns, there's always some turf "tear/twisting" caused by the rear tire (s). I figure this turf damage will recover by spring, BUT... (yes I do the Y-turn, etc when possible, but still damage)

    DA >>>> this photo is for you. I took it yesterday. GO HAWKEYES! :usflag:


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