Tried to buy a Hustler Fastrak 48"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by RSNovi, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. RSNovi

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    After doing many hours of research and considering what the local dealers have to offer I narrowed it down to a Gravely ZT-HD, Exmark Pioneer E, and a Hustler Fastrak. The Exmark is the most expensive and had the Kawi R engine and the 2800 trans. The Gravely has the Kawi R and the 3100 trans. The Hustler has the Kawi S engine and the 3100. It seems like the Hustler was the best buy. I appreciate all of the information from these sites!

    Well I called the Hustler dealer and he told me there were big rebates on the 2012 models and he had one in stock. I went and test drove it and it turned out to be a 2011. I didn't want a mower that was two years old already. i found out that I could get a 2013 for $100 more so I wanted that. They kept pushing a 2012 on me saying it would be easier to get without having to pay for shipping. So far I am waiting for a 2013 which I was told would take longer.

    Any thoughts why they are pusing the 2012 so hard?

  2. RSNovi

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    from MI
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    I forgot to mention that either way whether I go with a 12 or 13 they have to "order" it.
  3. aroddy

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    the hustler is by far the best choice, but sounds like that particular dealer is trying to move his old inventory. He should make a good deal on it to move it before he tries to get you to pay for shipping on a new 2013 unit
  4. RTR Landscaping

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    I'm a Scag guy so I don't have a dog in this fight, but a good dealer will not make you pay freight on a product he doesn't have. Does he want to sell a mower or not? I would offer him the cost of the mower and if he doesn't want to order it for no freight I'd go to another dealer. Just my .02
  5. Ridin' Green

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    Get the Gravely. It will cut great, and they go way above and beyond to take care of their customers. Not so much for Hustler, just ask mickhippy here on LS. My next ztr will be a Gravely, and I've been a staunch Deere guy for many years.

    You shouldn't have to pay for any shipping to get a mower. Your dealer sounds like a jackwagon. Which one are you going to anyway?

    I don't know, but this may be worth taking the drive to look at-
  6. RSNovi

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    I appreciate the advice. I have been shopping in Ann Arbor. I will see what they come up with and push on them based on what I learned here. There is a Gravely dealer just down the road. I originally liked the Hustler dealer the best. They didn't try to sell me the most expensive and asked what I wanted to do.
  7. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    my dealer would never ever charge me shipping on anything. Get a new dealer.
  8. Mowingman

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    You are dreaming if you believe that. All dealers charge for shipping on everything they sell, from the smallest part, to whole machines. They just don't usually tack it on as a separate item on the invoice. No dealer in the country could sell parts and machines, and not cover recover their shipping costs.
    A dealer for any brand has to pay several hundred dollars for shipping in a ZTR. Do you think he is going to eat that cost?
    Lets get real here.
    If he has a leftover machine , he paid shipping on it sometime in the past. There may be a factory program on pricing where he can recover that shipping cost, or, he may be willing to sell it cheap , just to recover his cost, and make no profit, or very little profit. Shipping is not the real reason for the higher cost of a new machine he has to bring in. He is nuts to have told you something like that.

  9. RSNovi

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    The deal I originally agreed to was MSRP $5749 less $750 factory rebate. In this case I would have expected any other fees to obtain the machine would already be factored in the MSRP.
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  10. Ridin' Green

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    Which they should have been, and that is what all of us who have said a good dealer wouldn't charge you extra to get you a machine he had to order. We all know shipping is figured in. Adding more because of his rediculous claim is what we are talking about.

    I really believe that you'd be better off with Gravely. Just read through some of the Gravely threads here about how others feel about them. I have never seen a company that listens to its customers more, or tries harder to make them happy than Gravely. It took a lot for me to want to switch brands, but when I do buy new again I'll go with them. Hustler has left a lot of unhappy customers on this site over the last few years when it comes to after purchase customer service.

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