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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rob T, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Rob T

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    Yesterday while mowing a customers property the lady comes out and wants to know how much I would charge for trimming all the bushes in the front of the house. I gave her a quote of $100 for trimming and cleanup. She tells me the neighbors lawn guy does their (the neighbors) trimming every 2 months for the price of a mowing ($30) and wants to know if I could do the job for the $30. I smiled and told her to give the neighbors lawn guy a call, I think she was surprised I turned her down. I just can't imagine trimming bushes for $30. It's an easy job, but it would still take at least 2 hrs. $15 hr...I don't think so.

    Do you guys price trimming for the same price of a mowing?
    What would you charge?

  2. 1stclasslawns

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    is that the neighbors in the background? Look at the bushes there. I think I'd met her somwhere in the middle. Not 30.00 but not 100.00 just to keep someone else off the place.

  3. rvsuper

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    Certainly looks like she can afford to pay 100 bucks to get her bushes trimmed, don't ya think?
  4. Gravely_Man

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    I would not do that work for $30.00 but that is just me. Naturalawn does have a very good point about wanting to keep others off of the property.

  5. CMerLand

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    AHHHH you gotta love those "poor folk" out in West Windsor dont you? Your price was right if not even a little low, considering you could spend an hour easy just in trying to fix up those screwed up spirals in the front. Factor in the time to drive to and from the site, cleanup and disposal of trimmings and the expertise of properly trimming shrubs properly, (which Im sure this other idiot doesnt) and you should deffinately charge in the $ 100 to $ 150 range.

    And as far as $ 30.00 a cut, you can keep all of them out there. Those properties should be going for $ 60.00 to $ 80.00 a cut, considering the amount of Nitrogen that Sterling bombs most of them with and the amount of growth we have to deal with. But thanks to those idiots out there driving the price down to next to nothing, and the way most of those lawns looked during these past weeks of rain, I continue to just laugh.

    I hate working in that area, and have slowly dwindled the number of house out there to a handful clients that will pay my higher rates, although still not the $ 60 bucks a cut minimum we should be getting.

    Yep good old West Windsor, they want it now and they want it cheap, so they have the extra money to pay their au pair. Nope, dont miss a single customer we use to cut out there.

    Best of Luck

  6. tiedeman

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    I agree with you on this. I would get in good with them. They could have more work for you in the future.
  7. gogetter

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    Am I reading your post right?
    Does your customer want it done ONE time at the $30, or does she also want it done every two months at $30 each time, like the neighbor?
  8. cos

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    I would call her bluff. $30 for those bushes is way cheap. Tell her you will knock off about $10 bucks, that's the best you can do and explain to her all that's involved.... clean-up, removal, disposal...etc.
  9. cos

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    That's crazy. Then there is going to be alot more work to be done and they will be saying, "well you did the bushes for $30". I think alot of us had one of these customers at one time or another. :( They are cheap skates and will do anything to stick money back in their own pocket and pick from yours.
  10. GraZZmaZter

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    I would stick to your guns. Its YOUR business. Its YOUR equipment. Its YOUR price. Explain to her why you pay more with your company. Tell her your going to get more, and not a half-wit job.

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