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    A couple questions about this machine. First what is the list price and how user friendly are these machines to use? I am in the market for a 36" machine as I am selling my 52" LAZER ZHP and going to machine I can use on 95% of my properties. I am looking the Trim Star and the TTHP 36".
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    Here are the MSRP's, check with your dealer for your best pricing.
    TrimStar Hydro, 15HP Kaw KAI 36" TS15KAW36A (927400 $4,699
    TrimStar Hydro, 17HP Kaw KAI 48" TS17KAW48A (927426) $5,199
    You will not find a friendlier / easier to run unit on the market.
    The learning curve on our H-Bar walk behinds is about 10 minutes.
    No fatigue from pistol grips, no sore hands from safety bars...
    Nice and easy to operate and simple.


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