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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tnedator, Mar 19, 2005.

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    I brought 5 weeds to the county extension office, and they identified four of them and said that Trimec classic is what I should use. While he couldn't identify the 5th one, he said it was a type of broad leaf ground cover and felt sure Trimec would take it out also.

    I have a couple questions:

    First, I live in a rural area and locally my only option is a farm supply coop. They have Trimec Plus and Trimec southern. The best I can tell, Trimec Classic and Southern have the same ingredients, but southern has one ingredient lowered and another raised, to be better suited to warm weather grasses. Trimec plus seems to be another variety of the first two, but with MSMA added.

    My wife took the weeds to the extension office and did not bring back anything that indicated what they were, and the only one that I could recognise was wild onions.

    My grass is El Toro Zoysia, that is basically still dormant. Other than the weeds, I have not been able to spot any green areas, that I can positively identify as El Toro (see next question).

    Which Trimec would be best suited?

    Second, I had a shady area where the El Toro didn't take very well, and I had the brainstorm to thrown down some shade seed from home depot. While over the last couple years, the El Toro has covered most of the area, I have clumps of Tall Fescue popping up thougout the area. I have tried treating it with image, and it comes back (should I have used a pre-emergent?). Is my best bet to hit it with Roundup now, while the El Toro is still dormant (or at least mostly dormant), even if it means risking a little of my El Toro in the area (if it is not completely dormant)?


  2. tnedator

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    Ok, I found the list my wife got from the county extension office:
    Ground Ivy
    Wild Onion
    Red Sorrel
    Paleseed Plantain

    He could not identify the fifth weed, but said it was a broadleaf/clover type and the Trimec Classic should take care of it also.

    Also, how does the Ortho hose end 'weed b gone' products compare? They seem to have the same ingredients as Trimec, but in much lower quantities.
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    Trimec should work on these weeds except quite likely for the wild onion. As with most chemicals, the effectiveness really depends upon proper application rates and environmental factors.

    I'm not sure how you can safely get rid of the tall fescue in the lawn at this point without damaging or killing your zoysia. While the zoysia is dormant you could try spraying Roundup, but I always feel that to be a bit risky since a soil drenching must also get down into the roots. Off hand I can't say if any of the crabgrass controls would work.
  4. tnedator

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    Thanks for the reply, any suggestion on which Trimec (plus{containsMSMA} or southern) would be better? Based on past experience with MSMA used by the company that put down my sod to try and knock out nutsedge, MSMA will cause yellowing, but my understanding is that it works better on any of the grassy weeds.
  5. Critical Care

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    Your Southern Trimec targets strictly broadleaf weeds, but with slightly less 2,4D it apparently is a bit less harsh on certain sensitive grasses.

    MSMA is used to control weedy grasses. How it differentiates between one type of monocot and another is something I'm not up on, but needless to say it wouldnÂ’t surprise me that it would yellow your zoysia. It is used for nutsedge as you mentioned, as well as crabgrass and other grasses, but I wouldn't bet on it killing off your tall fescue. And, your wild onion is a monocot, like grass, but with the designer like characteristics of MSMA it may not affect that as well.

    Be careful of these chemicals. Trimec is listed as being acutely toxic in its pure state, and MSMA is a carcinogen.

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