Trimec Plus? Whats yours look like?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TLS, Jun 26, 2003.

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    Mixed my first tankfull of Trimec Plus to spot treat a few areas around the house. Open in up and go to pour it into my measuring cup and it looks to have the consistancy of a shampoo or conditioner. Kinda pearly white and very thick, like I said, shampoo!

    Is this correct?

    All the Trimec I ever used was dark brown like Coca-Cola. Is the Trimec-Plus this different?

    I poured it in the tank and it went in with a big ploop. Looking through the sprayer (3 Gal Solo) I can still see a large sized gloop that doesn't seem to want to mix.

    Any suggestions? Use it, or not? Its a little warm to use it on my grass right now anyway, but....wanted to know?
  2. AL Inc

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    Yes, Tommy that is what it looks like. It does take some shaking to mix it. I used to use a lot of Trimec Plus but switched over to the super Trimec and have had better results. Good luck, Mike
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    Yes it's normal....mix it very well though. I have to agitate my tank on the cushman for about 20 minutes until I am happy with it.
  4. TLS

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    Thanks a LOT guys!

    Just seemed way too thick to have a name like "Trimec" on it.

    It wasn't any more money for the Plus, and for spotting here and there around the house and mixing a little Round-up in with it for beds and poison Ivy it seemed like the hot ticket.

    I put a call in to PBI Gordon and left a message.

    Your comments make me feel better.

    Would you like any RANCH dressing on your lawn "salad"!! :D
  5. i think that's the MSMA.........

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