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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Stan2270, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Stan2270

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    I sprayed 2 acres tall fescue lawn with Trimec Classic plus surfactant on Saturday 11/04. Mixed per label and applied at 1 Gal/1000 sq ft. I am in East Tennessee. Temp range mid 50s to high 30s - about 1 inch rain fell yesterday. No rain Sat-Tue. Weeds targeted are Buckhorn Plantain and Wild Onion - some spots the Plantain is 50% cover. I am seeing very little weed discoloration or leaf curling. Should I be seeing results by now? I usually spray much earlier in the Fall when temps are higher. We have had a few light freezes and more rainfall than normal this season. Should I be planning a second application at 14 days from the first spray? I over seeded the Fescue in mid September. Thanks for the advice.
  2. teeca

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    buckhorn is VERY tuf to kill/control. what you need to use is a ESTER based product, like cool power/lesco 3-way ester/chaser all w/ surfactant. the ester herbi work alot better then the AMINE herbi do at breaking thru the leaf. also with the temp that cool, it will take longer for the resualts to show. i sprayed 3 acres that was loaded w/ buckhorn and it took 3 weeks for the results, then i sprayed it again this past week-end and their toasted. the clover curled in about 10 days. temps about what you have.
  3. upidstay

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    Trimec should take this weed out. Buckhorn isn't that tough. As long as you did the app. right, they should die. I would say the reason it is taking so long to show resuults is this:
    Weeds die at the same rate they grow. It is cool, so they are slow right now. Add some Quicksilver and it will speed it up. Otherwise be patient.
    And when it gets cool out, I like to switch to Lesco 3 way Ester II. Best herbicide out there.
  4. indyturf

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    Broad-leaf weeds will die very slowly this time of year, but you will get a much more complete kill. you may not know how effective the application was until next spring!
  5. lawnservice

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    you sprayed on Nov 4??????

    today is only Nov 9!!

    even under optimum conditions you'd still be seeing minimum results after only 5 days

    you just need a little patience.

    (oooops, my bad, i posted before reading the other need to beat a dead horse)
  6. Stan2270

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    Today was warm. By the afternoon the plantain was curling and the wild onion was yellow and laying over. I appreciate the advice of those who posted. I am going to wait and see in a few weeks. I will try a 3 way ester product next time round. I will probably go with Lesco as they are closest to me and I have had good results from their seed and fert products. Thanks again - this a great forum. Stan
  7. ThreeWide

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    You will most likely discover this on your own, but the Ester products are more costly. As long as fast results are not important, use the Amine based products as long as possible.

    We had temps in the 70s here today, which meant the Trimec I sprayed this week will be working much better than normal for this time of year.
  8. garydale

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    Indyturf has it right.
    That much plantain shows you need lime. Do a soil test.
  9. Stan2270

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    You are correct in that the soil here is typically acidic requiring the addition of lime. I added 6 tons of limestone to the 2 acres in 2005 (I roto-tilled to start a lawn from scratch - previously this was a hay field) . My soil analysis from UT this year showed appropriate PH and they did not recommend further/additional lime this year. Actually aside from the seed, the limestone application is my only other guess for the seed source of the plantain and wild onion infestation. I.e. these weeds only popped up in the area where I rototilled last year and not throughout my property (or adjoining lands for that matter).
  10. lawnservice

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    the source of the weed seeds.... mother earth

    the rototilling would have brought many seeds that are in the soil up closer to the surface. then you watered your new seed bed...the sun popped up and.... voila , the weed seeds out competed your desirable turf.

    If you are a patient time after you rototill wait a few weeks...allow the weed seeds to germinate...spray them with roundup then sow your desirable seed.

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