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  1. Boilermaker

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    I was wondering if it was ok to put Trimec down on in the summer. I gave my yard a treatment in the spring, but have heard it doesn't hurt in the summer, as well. Just thought maybe I could kill on those weeds. Thanks!
  2. marko

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    Trimec what? I think 889 never had a "do not apply when temps over 85 degrees" but stated not to apply during excessivly long hot dry periods. The problem is not only the potential damage to your grass, but most broad leaf weeds severly restrict intake when temps reach 80 + degrees. Dicamba was good for "pushing" the herbicide into the plant, but don't know what to recommend. I would follow the label. It should say at the bottom of the first page or the top of the second page the temps for application.
  3. Critical Care

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    I was just looking at the label on Trimec and it does mention that injury may be expected when air temperatures exceed 85 degrees. Avoid using it on turf that has been under a long hot dry spell without irrigation. These are a couple of the precautions mentioned on the label.

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