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    HI,<br>My name is John Bell and have been in business for two years now. (This is my last year of high school) We service about 70 full service accounts, 200+ fert accounts, and do 20 new landscapes per year. I have the flowing equipment<p>Trucks,<br>1988 Chevy ½ ton p.u.<br>1989 Chevy ½ ton p.u.<br>1999 Chevy ¾ ton p.u.<br>1989 ford 1 ton dump<br>1995 Chevy N.R.P (flat front spray truck, 500 gallon, 100 gallon for tree and shrub apps.<br>1998 6x16’ open trailer<br>1997 5x10’ open trailer<br>1998 6-½ x16 in closed trailer<p>Mowers:<br>1998 Exmark lazer hp 48”<br>1998 Exmark lazer hp 60”<br>1999 MTD pro 60” ZTR (nobody here has much good to say about them but it has been just as good as the Exmarks)<br>1987 Exmark 48” W.B. (P.O.S, Maybe I could sell it to Lawrence Stone. Just kidding)<br>One big load of 21” W.B.s<br> <br>Other:<br>1994 Bobcat 763<br>One ton of hand tools<br>Sthil power equipment<p>Office stuff:<br>Clip Pro Software<br>Quick books pro<br>Design image group landscape software<br>Sony fd73 digital camera<br>Nortel norstar phone system<br>3 Computers<p>And 1 TON OF STRESS!<p>No, I did not accomplish all this with my parents bankrolling me; I had $5000 in savings. I landed 4 taco bells that the last guys had pissed off bad, so whatever I did they thought I was god.<br>I feel I have to thank GOD for what I have achieved in my short life of 17 Yrs.<br>I want to give back whatever I can to this group.<p>Thank You, <br>John W Bell<p>

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