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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by redoak77, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. redoak77

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    Just curious as to who uses a trimmer w/ interchangable heads (i.e. edger, blower) If so, what brand are you using. I run a small solo operation (13 weekly) and i use a single toro for blower, trimmer, and edger. So far it is running good and has saved me alot of money. I think the power head should last me all season and next year i can drop 140.00 and be ready to go with all 3 toys again. Anyone else out there doin that?
  2. MudslinginFX4

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    I can see the advantage of saving money in the beginning, because I have trimmers that cost $400 alone, then you add the blowers and edgers and that's another $800 or so. What I can't see though is taking the time to change the attatchment in and out during every yard. Also, what if it breaks?... you won't be able to do trimming, edging or blowing. I think I would invest in even a el chepo trimmer, edger, and blower just incase. Also, time is money and the more time you take switching them in and out means less time doing more yards.
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    You can buy a bg55 stihl handheld blower for $150.
    I don't think you're saving anything with the cost of the attatchment and the time consumed changing them.
  4. tiedeman

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    ECM made the perfect point
  5. KCON1

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    haven't tried one with all the attachments like you see at lowes we mainly run stihl FS 85's and a couple of the new 110 r's but I did buy a stihl fs 85 that breaks apart in the center like that bought a couple of attachments for it ran it about a month and put it in the corner of the shop and there it sits. it was time consuming changing attachments and I hated all that slop in the trimmer shaft, but it all comes down to what works best for you and only time will tell you. good luck
  6. jeffh1988

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    I just bought a new Stihl KM110 with the 4-mix engine that does that. So far so good i have the trimmer head, edger, and extended hedge trimmers. I don't use it for trimming, all i use it for is everyday edging and then when do large bushes i use it. Works great but i wouldn't want to change attachments all the time, like i said i got it for one specific everyday use and then every once in a while i use a different attachment.
  7. lqmustang

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    I that is working well for you, great!! I would like to have some sort of backup tho. It would really suck for your only power head to take a crap, leaving you without all 3 tools at once. Learned my lesson the hard way a few weeks back. Was only carrying one trimmer, and halfway thru the day it started running like crap. Fortunately it was only a clogged spark arrestor, but it would have been nice to have a backup handy so I didn't have to take the time to fart around with it while in the field.
  8. trying 2b organic

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    I have the split boom Shin. Back up trimmer, have stick edger attachment ( i only use stick once a month to keep the edge in line, trim the other 3 cuts) and im buying the articulating hedge trimmer attachment. the way I use these tools its totally worth it. I wouldnt do it if I had to mess with changing at every cut.

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