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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdw, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. mdw

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    Which trimmer blade do you like for cutting thick brush and briars? I have a Stihl 85R (loop handle). Stihl offers a 3 knife edge blade, 4 knife edge blade, and 8 knife edge blade.

    I just got this trimmer and it is impressive!!!

  2. Jimbo

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    Wow my favorite topic again. Hand held brush cutting...done lots of that.

    1.) 3-edge blade- Great for briars and thick brush/ also does well on thick weeds. You will want to buy the smallest guard so it doesn't hang up in the brush. This one will cut even when the edge is dull.

    2.) 4-edge blade- More for tall thick grasses, but will also work in light briars. Wears the edge down quicker, and doesnt do so well when dull.

    3. 8-edge blade- I never tried this one. It is for thick dry weeds, and reeds. I think it would work better than the 4 blade on briars but not as good as the 3 blade.

    Have fun with your new toy. I have several and am very pleased. If you ever need more power try the FS200R.

  3. mdw

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    Thanks, I'll pick up a 3-blade version.


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