Trimmer bump head life

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, Jul 19, 2012.

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    I can easily get two seasons out of the ones I use.

    The help....... I've seen go thru one in a week to a couple months. Irritating!!!!!
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    Are you not holding them with the head upright?
    The white roller should handle all the ground contact if they're upright.
    If you're tilting the thing, then I can see how you'd be wearing through that metal strip.

    Welding on metal to that strip is not the whole answer. You would want to be sure that any metal you add is abrasion resistant. If you have a thin piece of mild steel to act as a backing (say a 1/8" strip), and could bend it to the curved shape first, you could then weld a bead of hardfacing on there. Hardfacing is too brittle to be bent into shape after the fact, but is extremely wear resistant.

    Now if you know someone with a waterjet, AR600 steel may be the way to go. Or stellite, if you're really nuts.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Speed feed it's almost always the bottom plate that wears out. But yesterday I tried one of the employees trimmers ( we label each trimmer with the guys name so you and you alone use it) the head is completely shot but not in the way I would of guess the insides wore out. So when you bump the head the line pulled back in there was a crack on the plastic part that holds the spring and some serious wear on other parts. I might be able to swap insides or keep the bottom plate but new is always better.
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    What white wheel? I took mine off and it's not going back on.
  6. OakNut

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    Dumb Question Alert!

    I see the term "speed feed" used quite often, yet it seems the term is used for multiple types of trimmer heads. At one point I thought someone was describing the type that takes two short, pre-cut pieces of line that you replace as you go instead of bumping.
    I'm confused.

    Is "speed feed" a generic term used by the industry for any head that can be loaded quickly, or is it a specific "brand"?
    Like this.

    Edit: In looking for a pic of the linked "Speed Feed", I noted several that look identical, with different names... Echo, Shindaiwa, Speed Feed...

    My Stihl FS90R came with the standard Autocut 25-2...


    It was showing signs of wear, so I asked if they made anything "easier to load" and my dealer gave me the Autocut C 5-2 "Easyspool"...


    I don't much care for the Easyspool. I find the original Autocut 25-2 just as fast to load - even when tearing it apart, and the knob that you "bump" on the Easyspool seems to protrude a bit further, forcing me to adjust my positioning for trimming.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but if there are other EASY to load bump heads out there, I'm all ears, and again, I'm curious about the term "speed feed" in general.

  7. Landscape Poet

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    The second head you posted is stihls answer to the oregon speed feed head based off the old shini speed feed heads. I have tried the stihl version and id not much care for it myself, I found that it was quicker for me to take the original stihl head off, wind and put it back together than trying to get everything to line up perfect on the stihl speed feed.

    On the oregon model, if my understanding is correct and it is like the shiny, you simply put one piece of continuous line in it, twist until desired length is exposed and your done. Much quicker and effective but I do not have first hand knowledge of this just what I have seen others show me.
  8. Greg78

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    Oregon, Stens, Shindaiwa and Echo Speed Feeds are the same. Might have different writings on the bottom cover other than that they are the same.
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    Thanks. That's what it looked like to me.

    I went to the Echo site to look for info, but that made my head hurt and I couldn't see anything called a "Speed Feed" there.

    Do these work on Stihl trimmers?

    Sorry. Hope I didn't steer this thread too far off course.
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    I was responding to a question about the Stihl straight edger gearbox, not a string trimmer head (just so we're on the same page). There is a thin plastic white wheel that attaches to the left side of the gearbox with a spring clip, and it's supposed to keep you from rubbing the gearbox on the ground. It's neither easy to remove, nor reattach.

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