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Discussion in 'W.E. Chapps' started by dbroken64, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. dbroken64

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    Do not want to sound dumb but what is the proper way to strap these covers over the trimmer. A little confused about it for anyway I turn it there is a way for water to get to the trimmer.
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    The cover really only goes one way. Take the cover and open it up so that the velcro is in front of you and the opening with the thin nylon strap underneath is facing down (have the quick release buckle undone). In this position it resembles a bonnet. From behind the trimmer, slip it over the top of the engine. The round cut out above the velcro fits around the shaft. Once pulled snug in position secure the velcro in front of the engine and then clip the buckle underneath the gas tank to keep it in place. The long strap on top of the cover can go back and attach around the rack or some fixed object in the truck to keep it from rolling around. The same strap can clip into another cover above it if you have 2 or more on the same rack. Reverse the process to take it off. The covers are designed for open trailer transport and to protect from water and dirt. They will last for years.
    Thanks for your question and if you have any others don't hesitate ask.

    Have a Safe Season,
  3. dbroken64

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    Thanks a million. They really fit good after I played with them a bit. They really seem to be made out of real good material. I am looking forward to using them and buying a cover for my Scag Wildcat.
  4. dbroken64

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    Hey Broken64 again, The small buckle on one of my trimmer covers broke the other day. Is there a replacement for it?? It is the buckle that connects under the gas tank.
  5. dbroken64

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    Oh forgot to mention that I orderd the ztr cover tonite and will be looking forward to getting it and putting it over my Wildcat. Has anyone else bought the cover and can tell me how they liked it???

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