Trimmer Dilemma...Stihl FS94R vs Husky 525L vs Husky 522L???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by MechanicalMalfunction, May 17, 2020.

  1. MechanicalMalfunction

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    First off I would ask that nobody recommend other trimmers UNLESS they're Stihl, Echo, or Husqvarna (these are what I have dealer support for in the area). Been using a cheap string trimmer so far and now I'm looking to upgrade. I have a Stihl 131R that I run am edger gearbox on full time but I can put the trimmer head on no problem to trim in extreme situations. So I don't have a need for big power. What I really need is something that is lightweight, smooth running, and easy to maneuver/control. Although there's not much to love about my current cheapie, it is relatively had to do any property damage with it in comparison to the Stihl 131R which will flat out break sh*t if you're not careful. The Stihl is also WAY to heavy for regular use IMO. So I've pretty well narrowed it down in my research to the Stihl FS94R, Husky 525L (the nearest counterpart to the 94R IMO), and the 522L (the lightweight option). At first I was dead set on getting the FS94R because that seems like the "go to" option for everyone. Until I found some people saying Husky makes some really nice options as well. Right now I'm leaning more toward the 522 because I don't feel like I need a ton of power but I still have to wonder if I'll regret not buying something with the grunt of the 525 or 94R. Keep in mind this is for weekly maintenance (and occasional cleanup) of residential property. Does anyone have any experience with these that might help shed some light on things?
  2. Bumpmaster

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    Stihl 94. Lightweight trimmer an it sips gas. My trimmer of choice for weekly cuts. In heavy spring fast growing conditions in maybe a little under powered.
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  3. Green Industry Pro

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    I've ran Shindaiwa and Redmax with no issues and I'd bet my life on those trimmers. Been running those for 11 years now. I'm in the position of switching to Stihl or Husqvarna myself, for dealer support. I'm looking at the 94R and 525LST. Wouldn't get the "L" model, get the "LST" model. From what I've heard, the 94 and 525 are basically two of the top 5 best trimmers on the market so you can't go wrong with either. Just comes to tit for tat and personal preference. Since I'm a big Redmax guy, I'm leaning toward Husqvarna and picking one up to try out along with a 580 MK II.
  4. Keith

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    LS and LST have a significant bump in power over the L. The LST is geared for cutting heavier growth. The LS would be the better choice for weekly maintenance.
  5. Scottdubya83

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    I agree with don’t get the “L” model. In fact I agree with this whole statement. The L model somehow has less hp than it’s brethren. But many here would argue to get the 525ls, NOT LST. The T stands for torque, has different gear box with a 2/1 gear ration for added torque. This does however rob speed. About 1000 less RPM at the head with “T” models.
    That said, I will never buy another non- T model trimmer. I had a 525ls for a couple years. Hated it. I finally converted to T model and liked it.
    But I converted it back and sold it and got a new RM 260ts. <——— (Love It!!)
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  6. Bitches_Brew

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    Thumbs Up
  7. Cam15

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    94r I agree with bumps.
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  8. OP

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    Spent probably an hour at the dealer yesterday fiddling with everything they had there. Multiple Husky and Stihl models as well as Tanaka which I didn't even know they carried (apparently they just don't keep many in stock). I picked up the 94R first and thought it felt pretty good but when I grabbed the Husky 525 it just fit me like a glove. Then I had to decide whether to go with the 525L or 525LST. After a few minutes I mentioned to the salesman/mechanic helping me that I think what I'd really prefer is a 525LS. He apologized for not having one in stock and told me he'd cut me a pretty good deal on either the L or LST if I wanted to take either one of those (hour and a half drive one way to the dealer) and offered to let me fire them up out back. The 525L felt slightly smoother (very slight difference) and I really didn't think I'd need or want the torque head so I took the 525L. I put it to good use today and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. It's well balanced and just feels right in my hands. It has plenty of power and is smooth/easy to control unlike my FS131 (and I've been told all of the 4Mix engines). It's lighter than the 94R but more importantly it's balanced better IMO. As long as it holds up I'll be happy with it for a long time. For anyone who cares I'm about 5' 11" tall. I'll also add that it starts easier than any piece of equipment I have ever owned and after starting it the first time it only took one pull to start it for the rest of the day. After starting it initially I was able to restart it consistently on the first pull without any choke, priming, or throttle, even if it was several hours later. One pull and it goes straight into a solid idle.
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  9. OZcut

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    I don't think anyone gets past 2 years run out them husk's,people buy them once.
  10. Keith

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    What? I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and the Husqvarnas have, as a whole, been more trouble-free than others we’ve had.

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