Trimmer Guard off or on???

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
how many of you take your trimmer guard off? I have seen many lawn comps do it...WHY? To me it seems that your engine is made to swing around a certain amount of string. It seems if u take the guard off u wouldn't be able to stop it from coming out futher than its supposed to and burn up the engine! It also stops some of the debri from flying everywhere and on you. The extra weight can't make much difference. So if you do take yours off...WHY???


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I use Shindaiwa T-270's, with fully automatic heads. I slide the guard up the shaft so the line doesn't get cut by the guard. The auto heads won't allow too much line to come out. The machine never bogs down with the amount of line I like using.


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Portsmouth, VA
I run 'em the way they come from my dealer.


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The reason WHY some companies do is because more line can come out and production is increased.

Most commercial trimmers will cut much thicker vegatation than ornamental turf and letting out a few extra inches of line doesn't bog down most good trimmers.

That's WHY they do it, as far as would I recommend it.....


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I agree with Lazer, I wouldn't recommend going without the gaurd for safety reasons, but I personally move a lot quicker without it. It's faster around trees, posts, etc. I just work faster without it. The gaurd seems to get in the way too often. Just my opinion!


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Flint, Michigan
To be, or not to be... I drop our gaurds for productivity. With practice, small poles and trees can be trimmed without having to go around them. Different conditions require different blade lengths. i.e. regular grass trimming can take longer length, allowing wider, smooter swaths to be taken while something like a heavy foliaged ditch may require shorter string/more engine power to move through more productively. The onlything is, is that with no guards with cutoff, we carry a pair of sidecutters or pruners with us to cut the string to length. Not that much of a hassle.

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If your worried about getting hit in the leg with a rock or getting a little dirty then i would hate to say it but u went into the wrong business. The second i get a new whip the first thing i do is take the gaurds off. I di not see how people can whip with them on. First off the cuting width is tiny, u mindsa as well break out a pair of scissors. Second off they are way to powerfull with that little string, u get to close to a small bush or anything you will hack the crap out of it. third it is way off balance and goofy.....i can whip a yard 5 times faster without the gaurds.


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We, too, use the T270s withOUT the guard. You can move so much quicker with the longer string. I ALWAYS wear safety glasses (I still take a rock or two, ocassionally) and HIGHLY recommend everyone else to do the same (why lose your eye for a no reason?) With all that said, anybody want to buy 5 or 6 brand new Shindaiwa T270 guards? :)