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  1. kemco

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    I used to run without guards but found out the hard way it voids the commercial warranty... not sure if that's the case for all makes, but for kawasaki it is. Reason already posted, extra wear or gears etc.
  2. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Just a little advice. I have customers that run them and others that don't. But I make every one aware that the unit regardless of make is designed to run only the amount of string the guard allows. Extra will decrease engine life and rpms. Most manufacturers will actually void your warranty by removing the guard. I've never had a unit wear out within a warranty period without a guard though. I choose to keep my guard on my personal trimmer. Keeps me from getting to wrapped up.
  3. Stillwater

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    Ya, for the no guard guys with liability insurance, great that you got it but good luck being covered when your trimmer without a guard puts out the little girls eye as she gets off the school bus.
  4. Green Industry Pro

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    I have never tried them without guards.I think they might be lighter and more comfortable to use(barring imbalance from the engine being heavy and the head being light).I dont have any employees yet except for my bro so I really dont have to worry about injury concerns except for us(although i think it might be safer to use em and keep debris from hitting your legs).I might run my t242 without the guard a little bit to see which way I like best.I do agree though that you will have to watch line length more carefully so as to not overwork your engine.:usflag::usflag:
  5. Stillwater

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    Ya, what about people who happen to be around you like kids, or parked cars, plate glass windows. Whats your name again Green industry Pro whens the pro come in?
  6. Green Industry Pro

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    As I said already,I have never ran em without the guards so I really dont have to worry.Its not my fault that you dont comprehend what Im saying.:usflag::usflag:
    You dont know how much experience I have and also,my name can be whatever I want it to be.Im not so stupid that I cant do things without asking all of you guys on LAWNSITE.Im just getting a reading of what others are doing.
    p.s. If kids,cars,and animals are near, I can use my common sense and work so that I dont damage or injure something or someone.No offense.
  7. Stillwater

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    Don't mind me man, I was just being a smart ass......
  8. Country Side Lawn Care

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    I agree. Mine stay on...:)
  9. grassman177

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    we run guards, just dumb not too for all the great reasons already posted here.

    we do however put different guards then come with it, still the same brand though. we are able to sue the string about 1.5-2 in longer and get better trimming overall especially under pine trees that are hard to get(we dont skip anything ).

    we also use ultra twist line which has significantly reduces wear on the engines and clutches. we clean the ports once a year on newer trimmers and about twice per year on older much more used. we consider that great. clutches seem to last two years or even more depending on the operator.
  10. 1993lx172

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    My guards stay on.

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