Trimmer/Handheld Racks


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I am looking to make or buy some kind of rack to hold my trimmers/edger. Also a rack for misc handhelds (shovels, rakes, broom etc). I have wood sides on my trailer i would like to attach something to that. I don't really want to have to drill holes into the galvanized metal.

Let me know if guys know any products that would work. Thanks



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Richmond, VA
For the misc handhelds, just use 3+ inch PVC pipe with a few bolts holding it to the wood sides. Works great and its cheap.


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If you want something to hold your string line trimmer look on eBay.
They have racks that you can screw into your wood rails.
As far as something to hold your rakes just use black ABS pipe.
It lasts well outside in the elements and cheap to replace if it gets broken.

PS great start to your trailer...I would suggest a truck tool box to hold your gas, hedge trimmer, line, ect.


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Thanks. I really like the trailer it's built really well. bought it new for 1,800 on sale. All galvanized hopefully it will last for years. I keep it inside during the winter months to reduce rust. There is no rust so far that is why i went with galvanized instead of paint. especially living in Wisconsin.

I keep all tools, line, gloves all that little stuff in a box i bought for my truck. I still have the cap on my truck. Don't know if i want to take it off quite yet. It worked well for fall cleanups. I blew all the leaves close to the truck than i used a Craftsman yard vac to chop all the leaves up than threw them in the back of the truck. All my lawns that i typically do are in town smaller lawns so it work for now. My larger lawns they usually don't mind if i push the leaves into the woods.

That's what my dad suggested PVC Pipe, I'll have to give that a shot.