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    Which head is most efficient; manual or bump feed?
  2. awm

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    bump feed is my choice.Also if double lines are
    time consuming to refill,just go single .
    Works fine .
  3. cclllc

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    Get the greenmachine head.You can't go wrong.
  4. bob

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    Neither, I use fully automatic heads. Give it full throttle and it self feeds the right amount of line out.
  5. Acute Cut

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    I saved alot of $$$ last year by going manual. The pro head is my choice. It is a head that is about 1/2 inch tall and all metal. It does not wear down or spew out excess string like the bump ones do. I usually only have to change my string once, maybe twice a day. I MAY go through one spool a year if i use alot while training, but overall i dont use a whole lot.

    That is just me though.
  6. kutnkru

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    We changed from bump feed to manual feed and have found a significant savings in the amount of trimmer line used.

    This is also in my opionion a better way for the crews to manage their usage. Obviously if they have to stop quite frequently they will know that they are using too much and can adjust accordingly.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Eric ELM

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    AWM, could you explain your post for me? If double lines are time consuming to refill, just go single? What does this mean?

    I can wind a double line head twice as fast as you can wind a single line head. I did not know any professional trimmer still used single line heads. I would not want one of them, that is for sure, but that is just my opinion. What brand do you use that has single line feed?

    BTW, we use bump feed heads.
  8. Red_Rattler

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    I love my BIG Echos with the bump feed, thats the only way to go for me, I currently do 7 cemeteries, talk about alot of trimming, I KNOW
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    Personally, I like the fixed-line trimmer heads. The heads are tiny, about the thickness and width of a small coffee cup saucer (3" wide"). I manually replace the line 3 times a day. It also alows me to use different lines (round, square) and of different thicknesses for different jobs. I use about 50% less trimmer line (savings of about $60 a year) and can replace the line with pre-cut pieces in about 30 seconds. This adds up to about the amount of time it takes to load the bump heads and auto's. It also allows me to trim faster and lets me do a better job trimming. The heads are also less expensive and VERY durable since they have no parts.
  10. zipp669

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    BUMP on my Stihls, & i am like red rattler I have 6 cemetaries.

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