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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cajunchef, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Cajunchef

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    Bought a new Shindy T270 for the '02 season

    Awesome machine, but the bump style trim head sucks with regards to replacing line. Too time consuming....

    Found some old threads pertaining to this subject.

    I'm sure that someone here has a experienced the same problem and has the right solution.

    Thanks for any replies
  2. trimmer

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    Never owned a Shindy but most guy complain about the head. Most will say to put a Stihl head on it.
  3. Oldtimer

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    There is a learning curve to using all trimmer heads and after using and selling trimmers since 1983, I have tried many different types of trimmers and heads. The shindaiwa trimmers will last longer than anything else on the planet if they get proper maintenance.

    Use the fixed line head. The bump and go heads are for homeowners and wastes line. Your line usage will be considerably less with the fixed line head and with 4 lines you will get a much better cut. With the Shindaiwa you must cut the line in 14" lengths

    It will take a bit of time to get used to the fixed line head because it is much more agressive and with no bottom to rub on the ground for a height gauge it will eat a bit of turf. Once you get used to it you will be able to trim faster and much more accurately.

    All regular mono trimmer line should be kept in water at all times. Don't take the line out of the water until you are ready to use it.

    BRIAN FOLEY LawnSite Member
    from ERIE,PA
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    Also try spraying some wd 40 on the line after placing it in the head , it won't melt/stick as much. Brian
  5. Bladewielder

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    We use only Stihl trimmers. A friend of mine has a fancy Shindaiwa trimmer. I borrowed it once just to try it out and cursed the mowing gods repeatedly. I don't have carpal tunnel yet but with a few seasons with one of those I'd have a good chance. I think I used a jackhammer once that vibrated less. Also the shroud was too large. It was very hard to see what exactly you were trimming. Should I start on the head? Just keep this in mind. Stihl heads have only three pieces: a snap ring, the string spool and a spring (which stays connected to the spool). My friend was with me the day I tried out his trimmer and he couldn't believe how simple it was to rewind my Stihl. If you are set on Shindaiwa I think you might be able to retrofit a Stihl head onto it. Try a search and see what you find. I think I saw something about it somewhere on here.;)
  6. jaybird24

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    For the last 6 years I have not found any stock heads that I like. I run stihl and echo trimmers and I put those old style green machine heads on every one. You would not believe the difference it makes. I think the diameter is either 5 or 6 inches which kind of acts as a heavier flywheel and smooths out the whole feel- these things cut like butter. places that take an hour to trim w/ a stock head literally get cut by at least 30 %. I know this isn't real good on the engine and shaft but heck to save that much time. Anybody else try this? If you can find these heads it's worth a shot.
  7. jeffex

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  8. keifer

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    i got a shindawa and the dealer here said he puts different heads on all of is still made by shindawa but a upgrade from stock.

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