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Trimmer Line


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Austin Texas
Anyone use the Super Premium Trimmer Line from J. Thomas? I received an email from them on their sale and thought abount trying some.


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No but their less expensive line has been very good quality.


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I'm looking at their catalog, comparing them to my own 3 pound spools, etc...

You have to watch this J-Thomas, most of their stuff is not badly priced, but once shipping gets added on, it's hardly worth it. However, orders over $300 are free of shipping, and in this case bulk (2+) is cheaper, also orders over $1000 get an additional 10% off (+free shipping) and this is where it really becomes worthwhile (but yeah, it's a tough order to swallow).

More than anything you have to know your prices, that is, how much you are paying for stuff local, then compare this to what you would pay at J-Thomas... As a rule J-Thomas is cheaper, but not always and not with everything. DO add the convenience of getting it shipped to your door, but don't forget you have to manually check the order for correctness. Still knowing your prices is crucial, my attitude is a 3 lb. spool ought to cost $15 but that's any line (or generic), I suppose $18 / spool for premium line TO your door is not so bad.

As for line welding and fraying, I remember I used to have this problem all the time, but nowadays my line hardly ever welds, it frays some but it wears, too...
My dad's line constantly welds still, so I think some of this has to be practice, don't know exactly what to tell you, but in my case I only give as much throttle as needed (not Wot unless things get really thick), perhaps it is the centrifugal forces inside the head cause welding?

Pricewise, the only way I can see the J-Thomas line being competitive is in orders of 2+ spools, and at least a $300 order, thou a $1000 order would bring things in line with what I would pay for them.

In my case I just don't need it, but as a point of reference one 3 lb. spool lasts me 3-4 years as a solo, I think you'd get at least 2 years out of it thou, plan on 1 year per pound, roughly, and to me a 1 lb. spool is just not worth it, either 3 or 5 lbs.

Best of luck.


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rochester mn
I used to have my trimmer line get welded inside the head frequently. I then was taught by a stihl salesman to wind the line differently than I had been doing. The trick is to put the line in the little hole, then turn the head in your hand and let the line do its thing, twisting or untwisting, however you want to put it. Since I have done this I never have any trouble.

lawns Etc

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Go get some Pulverizer from Walmart lasts and lasts and a 3 lb spool is $16
I use that and Gator square and cant tell the difference in quality

Its the Red bulk spool at Walmart get them if you see them as they only get it as a seasonal item