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trimmer line


LawnSite Member
i'm running a stihl fs85 with .105 line, i have been using a blue twisted line but it breaks easy. what kind of line do you recommend?


LawnSite Senior Member
Vancouver, WA
I use the orange stuff that home depot sells on the bit spools on my fs85 - cuts great, doesn't break too often and cost is right


LawnSite Silver Member
check your spool. sometimes there is a rough spot that is causing the line to break sooner than what it is supose to. after that experiment with other brands. I like the orange husky .095 line, It lasts along time for non particular areas. for areas that really need to look good I like the titanium silver brand from husky.


LawnSite Senior Member
I run .095" Redmax and Gator Magnum in my Redmax trimmers with good results. The Gator Magnum is square, cuts cleanly and lasts a long time. Any momofilament line will deterioate from UV rays, so don't leave the spool exposed on your trailer all the time.


LawnSite Senior Member
I will use just about anything except Echo brand line. I mostly use the brand Home Depot sells, not sure the name but it suits me fine. I bought the Echo line once expecting better results (not that the other was bad, just figured Echo would be better) and was not happy.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC
Right now I'm using a bunch of string that someone gave me! But after all of it is out I usually order a lot of it off of the internet somewhere. Last time from J. Thomas.