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Trimmer Mate?


LawnSite Silver Member
Bolivar, MO
I was checking out the Jungle Jim site for a friend of mine who inquired as to how to raise his newly purchased ZTR to service under the deck, and noticed the Trimmer Mate, specifically the one that mounts on a ZTR to hold a line trimmer. I was just wondering if any of you have tried this product? Looks like a very good idea for a solo operator such as myself, especially on larger properties, as I often spend a lot of time walking back and forth from the trailer to the back end of the property.

In the past, I've tried a few times to carry my trimmer with me but found it to be so awkward to do that I just walk anymore. Thanks for any info on this product. Neill


LawnSite Member
Kansas City

We have tried the trimmer mate of one of our mowers before but have since removed it because it got in the way to much and it ended up bending the trimmer shaft from the excessive bumps. But one good side of it is that it did save alot of time from walking but not enough to ruin a trimmer shaft:) . Maybe we could find a better way to haul the trimmer without it bending but we haven't had enough time to mess with it.

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