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trimmer mower?????

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by yeller_demon, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. yeller_demon

    yeller_demon LawnSite Member
    Messages: 4

    Hi, and thanks up front to anyone with input to my question.

    Homeowner here, mow 5 acres weekly, mowing isn`t my issue.

    Being in the country though we have a lot of volunteer grass/weeds, that tend to creep up around the periphery, and around the 150+or- trees I have in the "mowable" tract. My Hustler can`t help in getting real close, and after hanging onto my string trimmer for about a third of the trimming, I feel like a tuning fork.

    Couple of years ago I bought a Troy Built trimmer mower, and I don`t see any pros using these, but for my money it saves my back, and I don`t get the tuning fork thing going on. Plus it just plain kicks butt on heavier weeds.

    OK, heres the dissatisfied part. The Troy Built is a rather cheaply built tool, and the depth setting is a JOKE. It relies on a thumb screw to keep the line adjusted for proper cut height. The screw stays set about 3 feet, and the vibration of the motor? or something causes it to jiggle loose, and you are back to scalp mode in a flash. I`m real strong, so I don`t think it`s a question it isn`t tight enough, I think it`s just crappy engineering.

    I realize I could re-engineer the thing, but thats not my point. I`m looking for a unit that is made right from the start.

    As luck would have it a neighbor, who has borrowed it a time or 9, wanted to buy one, so I sold him mine. Now I`m back in the market for a new, but better engineered tool.

    I`m trying to stay below $500.00 on the purchase. So far I`ve seen locally, Dayton Ohio area, just variants of the same theme, all MTD built junk, with the same simple thumb screw to keep the cutter set, and I know this does not work.

    On the net I`ve seen 2 that I`m interested in, but buying net, might also lead to problems, mostly you do see what you`re getting till you have already gotten it.

    Ariens ST 622 6HP Tecumseh, "Four-Position Pivoting Head lets you adjust cutting height for a custom look". None of the local dealers stocks it, this worries me a bit, as if it was a killer I`d think they`d have 1 around. Price is $349.00 right now. 1 dealer wants my business, and has his rep dragging one up from Ky, so I can look at it. If the head is truly 4 position, with some sort of position set that is stable this would be the price winner. I know Tecumseh doesn`t get a lot of raves from pro`s, but I`ve had good luck with them in the past.

    DRĀ® Trimmer/Mower Sprint - 5.5 HP 5.5 HP BRIGGS & STRATTON QUANTUM, 4-cycle, $449.10. No local dealers, but DR has a 6 month return if not delighted thing, so you get a good look, but still would rather not have to use this option. (Did this with a Mantis severl years ago, and finally got refund, but was a hassle. Mantis wouldn`t start, nada, DOA, wasn`t impressed by that at all.) Afriend has a DR field mower, and loves it, but nobody I know has experience with the trimmer mowers.

    The DR has a positive 4 step trimmer head, where it is grooved for 4 heights, and you select the groove to attach to, this would be a big advantage over the MTD junk. Only problem I can forsee is the head appears to be plastic, and not sure if regular use woulod tear up the preset grooves? See pic>>

    Also have seen a lot about Swisher trimmer mowers, but the only place where I saw any feedback was on Amazon, and it got terrible reviews/ratings, so think I`ll steer clear of Swisher.

    OK sorry for being so wordy, but wanted to let anyone know what I`d seen so far.

    Now the question?????? Anyone have experience with these 2 models? Anyone have other input about brands I haven`t seen? Any thoughts, comments, concerns, are welcomed.

    Thanks again.



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