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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Scag48

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    Hey guys. My Stihl FS 85RT has a bit of a problem. The head keeps spinning after I let go of the clutch and won't stop at all. I took it back to the dealer, thinking that if I messed with it the warranty would be void, so I just took it to them. They had it for 3 days, tried to fix it but that didn't do jack. Took it back again just last week and had them fix it again and they still can't fix it:angry: Any ideas on what can be done? They told me that they lowered the jetting screws so that it idles lower, since they thought it was idling too high. Now it's at the point where if it goes any lower, it won't run. I really don't know what to do. I'm not going to mess with it for warranty reasons, and if the dealer doesn't fix it, I'm going to call Stihl and make them fix it and make them give a replacement to use. I'm not going to get ripped out of a trimmer for a month while it's getting worked on. I thought by spending $350 I wouldn't get problems for stuff like this. Other than this problem, the trimmer has been a workhorse. Any ideas on how to get this fixed? It's really a safety concern for me because sometimes I have to set it down and move things out of the way and if the head is spinning and someone gets hit by the string, I'm going to be in trouble. Thanks guys!
  2. Common in Stihls.
  3. ProMo

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    have them check the clutch springs I had an echo that wouldnt release and the springs were dry with some crusty white stuff on them I sprayed them with wd40 and it worked great
  4. Scag48

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    PromoLawn-If the trimmer was older, I would do that. It's only 2 months old, it SHOULDN'T been crusted up by now. If they don't fix it I'll sell it and buy a Shindy.
  5. Floridalandcare

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    Check the clutch springs ,sometimes one of the 2 will break causing constant spinning . This has only happened with me once with a shindawa line trimmer that had 3 Florida seasons ,usually the engine will wear out before the clutch springs do . I would get rid of theat dealer , because anyone who knows anyhting about 2cycle would probaly check that first,because it really couldnt be anything else.I hate shady freakin dealers
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    I have one that spins slightly when idling. It always has. I could turn the rpms down to get it to stop, but it just never seemed necessary.
  7. sbvfd592

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    scag48 if ya feel like selling it tell me

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    My one month old kawi trimmer always spins too... but its' so slow if you get hurt by it you should not be a landscaper LOL.. Seriously , it doesnt spin fast enough to do anydamage, you can grab it with your hand to stop it.. Not that I would recommend doing that , but , just trying get my point across , no matter how dull it may be.. OK I'll stop , guess it's all this heat drying out my ffeabled mind..LOL... Time for nap and medication .. LOL...
  9. Currier

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    What LGF said... My fs 85 is brand new ( 1 month old) it will keep spinning also but not really in such a poerful way that it would do any damage. I also find that if I have run it a 1/2 to 3/4 thhrottle it will start to bog down. The cure is to run the sucker at full blast fro a few minutes. It starts hard, dies easy, and out performs any trimmer I have used!

    I can live with the inconveniences.
  10. Jimbo

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    I have several and all mine spin (a little). If your walking through an area that is dangerous just shut it off.

    I understand you dont like it but thats the way they are. They dont have an electric clutch with a break ya know. I would rather have a tight clutch and deal with your spinning "problem" vs having the clutch slipping and wearing out all the time.

    If nothing else works you could put a heavier trimmer head on it, and or larger diameter string. That should slow it down some at idle.


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