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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LoneStarLawn, Aug 4, 2000.

  1. LoneStarLawn

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    Our trimmer broke down on our second job today. It started then it just stopped and it could not be restarted. We took it back to the shop to check it out and could not figure out what was wrong. We took it to the dealer (Great people). He tryed to start it....couldn't. He then removed the spark plug and he said it needed to be changed. He changed it and sure enough it started. I told him that we just changed it just last week (about 30 hrs of use on the plug) and that we were told to change it at about 50 hrs of usage. He then asked if I used the trimmer "wide open" and I said not always, mostly at about 3/4 open. He then said that 2 cycle engines need to be ran at idle or wide open. It confused me since my motorcycle is a 2 cycle engine and I don't run it wide open. Is the guy correct in what he is saying or did he just mean trimmers not 2 cycle engines need to be ran idle or wide open. We have Shindaiwa T260 trimmer.
  2. Evan528

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    lonestar... this exat thing happed to my redmax trimmer about 3 months ago. It would start in 2 pulls then id go to start it at the next job and it wouldt even try to start. I couldnt figure oout what was wrong since i had put a new plug maybe 2 weeks ago and spaced it properly! Just for the hell of it i put a new plug in it again and it worked great for two weeks and then it started all over gain... so i put anohter new spark plug and its been great ever since... my trimmer was eating plugs.... lol
  3. Stinger

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    Yes all 2-stroke equipment is to be run wide open. Also check your gas & oil mix, too much oil fouls out plugs.
    Keep an extra plug or two in the toolbox. This will save time and you can clean the dirty ones later. Say Lone Star what part of S.A. you run? I'm just north of you in the N.B. area.

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  4. Richard Martin

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    I have a Shindaiwa T-230 that is doing the same thing. The trimmer started great for the first year and now all of a sudden it'll go about 2 weeks on a plug. I suspect the problem is caused by carbon buildup shrouding the plug. I plan to remove the head/cylinder and clean it up. If you look inside the sparkplug hole you will most likely see large deposits of carbon.
  5. Cutter1

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    I have six T270's. THis has happened to me also. I tell evryone with Shindaiwa trimmers to run wide open all the time!! Another I always recomend is to take the screen out of the exaust pipe. These are not necessary and can make your trimmer run weak. It can also cause the plug to get fouled do to the engine chocking and not running at full potential. Also take a scewdriver and put it in the exaust pipe and scrap and move it around, this may break up some of teh carbon build up inside, this may also help it run better.
  6. Toroguy

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    As stated by many t-230 bogged down and I pulled the arrestor out, all carbon covered. I lost the tiny screw that holds it in, so I have been running without. Works great, LOUD, but effective.
  7. LoneStarLawn

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    The spark arrestor is off and the one that has the trouble was bought in Feb. The plugs are lasting only about a week. Does this occur with other trimmers or is it the plug itself since we can only find champion plugs for the Shidaiwa. I would like run the trimmer for more than a week before changing the may not be possible.

    PS....We work the NE area of San Antonio Stinger.
  8. trimmasters

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    LoneStar, It sounds like it must be the unit because we only have to replace our plugs once a year under vary heavy use

    John W Bell
  9. Dave

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    As a shindaiwa dealer ,they use ngk BM6A instead of a cj8 Champion,also to get max life out of the machine leave the arestor in and run the machine wide open,as this is best for the clutch also,without the arestor there is a chance for dirt to get into the cylinder,causing future problems,also i have seen people using no smoke two stroke oil,and the screens have not been plug in two years of use, hope this helps,
  10. Richard Martin

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    Split Fire also makes a pluf for Shindaiwas. It's LS25E or something like that.

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